Make a Murder Hornet Halloween Mask

Murder hornet halloween mask

This Murder Hornet Halloween mask will be a helmet-style mask. In this first video I create the shapes with crumpled foil and hot glue over a bowl I found in the kitchen.

Pumbaa Headdress Mask Pattern

Pumbaa headdress mask pattern featured

This Pumbaa headdress mask pattern is easy to make with cereal box cardboard, foil, paper mache and paint. The instructions include lots of photos.

Selfie-Monkey Mask Pattern

Make your own selfie-monkey mask with this easy pattern. It’s weird, just like the real selfie-monkey. You just need a few cereal boxes, paper mache, and acrylic paint to make a mask of the famous crested macaque.

Star Wars Mask is Done

I added the paper mache to the Star Wars mask, added lots of wrinkles, and painted him pink. This was a silly project, but I … Read more