for Animal Sculptures
and Masks

The easy way to create beautiful works of art.

Get a fast start on your next paper mache mask or sculpture with one of these easy-to-use downloadable patterns created by wildlife artist Jonni Good.

  • These patterns help you complete your mask or sculpture faster – perhaps days faster than starting from scratch. Fill your house with sculptures you made yourself, or create a fast gift that will be treasured for years.
  • If you love to paint, use your armature as a 3-dimensional “canvas,” and create a memorable,  one-of-a-kind work of art.
  • If you’d like to try sculpting animals, but you don’t want to spend weeks or months learning how, these armature patterns help you create beautiful, realistic sculptures and maskseven if you’ve never done it before.

Mask and Sculpture Patterns:

About the mask and sculptures patterns…

These downloadable patterns are designed to help grownups create sculptures or masks they can be proud of. This is not the paper mache you remember from grade school!

Because they’re designed for adults, young kids won’t have the patience they need to cut out the pattern pieces and tape them together. Some of the patterns also require sharp knives for cutting cardboard.

However, many children have helped their parents and grandparents create sculptures and masks using these patterns. The kids have a lot of fun while they’re adding the paper mache and painting the faces, and they’re excited when they see how well their sculptures turn out. Plus, creating art together is a wonderful bonding experience that both kids and adults enjoy.

But please – don’t expect very young children to use these patterns without your help. For that, the artist should be thirteen or older.

cow mask pattern pieces and instructionsHow do the patterns work?

Most of these armature patterns create all the basic shapes for you. Just cut them out of card stock or cardboard as indicated in the instructions, tape the pieces together, and cover them with just one layer of paper mache or paper mache clay.

Then add your own creative touches and a coat of acrylic paint, and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind mask or sculpture that could be treasured for years.

A few of the patterns go on the inside of your sculpture, and you add the rounded forms with crumpled paper or foil. The life-sized standing elephant, the unicorn and bunny, and the baby panda all work this way. This is the same way all the projects in my best-selling book Make Animal Sculptures with Paper Mache Clay are made.

Do you have to use paper mache to create sculptures and masks with these patterns?

Paper mache and paper mache clay work well for these sculptures. That’s how I made most of these masks and sculptures myself, with the exception of the baby unicorn and mini-bunny, which were made with Apoxie Sculpt.

Some people have covered the wolf and lion masks with fake fur. And one of our younger artists used spray paint directly over the cardboard on his wolf mask. So – use whatever material your own creative genius comes up with, and then come back and show it off so we can see how it comes out. 🙂

Do you have a question or need help with your pattern?

I love questions!

There are two ways to contact me:

The fastest way to get an answer is to leave a comment on this page. I read all comments and answer them as soon as I can, usually within a few hours. Some of my readers might also chime in to help – we have a very supportive community here on this site.

If you prefer to reach me privately, you can send me an email.  I’ll try to respond as quickly as I can, but if you don’t hear back from me within 24 hours, assume the cyberspace gremlins ate your email and try again.

202 thoughts on “Patterns for Paper Mache Sculptures, Masks and Wall Art”

  1. Ciao Mrs. Jonni, I would like to leave a comment about that video about the mistaken Marking choices.. I would like to say something… It is a very clever, and interesting, and honest. Your Art is lovely, well made and I personally I think that in your case, the prints will not sell as much as could sell the true 3D objects that you create. Use the prints of the armature in carboard to create yoru more real masks and sell those, to schools, to Children Nursery ect.. I think the unique selling point you have, to sell it is the actual masks to hang on the wall of to wear.. People would love them even adults, Thousands of adults.. there are a lot o people especially in the States that really love Animal Cos-Play (they love to dress and make noises like animal). You could make masks also about other subjects ( i do not know if it is legal make movies themes, maybe not) … I think there is a market immense. If you find a gathering near you or a competition about these cos]play, where you can present your masks to the people that loves to go to these gatherings … You could have a chance to see you Business take off, on it’s own. I need to to start a business but at the moment I cannot due to health. I wish all the Best take care Madam Jonni. Much love Tiziana Hetherington

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts, Tiziana. I must confess, though – I really prefer selling the patterns and books and helping other people make their own sculptures and masks, instead of selling hand-made art. I started the print-selling business just as an experiment to see if I could use Pinterest to send traffic to a new site. We get thousands of Pinterest visitors every day on, and if I could figure out how artists without a blog could use it to sell their work, I would write a book about it. I have sold my dolls and sculptures in the past, but the patterns and books (and the wonderful people who buy them and become part of our community) are so much more fun. I am sad that I couldn’t figure out the Pinterest traffic thing, though. If it had worked, it might have helped a lot of artists who don’t have time to do any other kind of marketing.

  2. I loved your video and the results I will soon try your recipe, it is almost a scientific precision. I need to recycle a lot of paper it is the perfect way. Lovely Masks you make. Ciao for now. Tiziana

  3. A while back there was a guest per video post ,someone building a armature for a whale and I can’t find it again, can you point me in the right direction please ?

  4. Your stuff is gorgeous!
    I was browsing for a paper clay recipe to create my next Halloween costume. I can’t wait now to get your recipes. I am very excited to start on my project as soon as I can.

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