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Paper Mache ChihuahuaWant to show off your paper mache creations and join the conversation with other sculptors? This is a great place to post a photo of your recent work.

You’re also welcome to share some of the challenges and insights that you gained from your sculpture, even if it isn’t quite finished yet. Need some advice on how to get through a sticky section of your project? Just ask – someone will be sure to offer an idea you might be able to use.

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  • I enjoy using the paper mache sculpting material. A few things I did differently are
    That I did use powdered sheet rock mud that was already mixed to use. It seems to work ok.
    Next, I put the softened toilet paper into a bullet blender with a lot of water. After blending well, I pour into a strainer to drain and squeeze out. It’s very fine and ready to add the remaining ingredients with a mixer.
    Finally , although sandpaper doesn’t work well , metal files of various sizes do work well. If you’re concerned about breathing the powder wear a mask.
    Still working on posting pictures otherwise there’s some on my Facebook page
    JoAnne Freas Waltenburg

    • Thanks, JoAnne. I bought some small files (5 or 6 of them) a few weeks ago, and I was wondering if there is some secret to using them? It seems they “fill” with clay quickly. Any guidelines for an amateur, or is this just a stupid question!? I thought they would help with nose holes, etc.

  • This is Gina my whimsical giraffe. I have so much love for giraffes now. Their face bone structure is so unique. If my ceilings weren’t so low, I would buy one for a pet. Meanwhile, I was hoping to hang Gina on a small wall as I walk into my den. She was suppose to be looking out seeing who was coming into the room. Like a watchdog. This was a very big challenge for me. Unfortunately, I think I made her too heavy and if I hang her on the wall she may tear it down. I was going to drill a hole on her bottom, insert a pipe half way up then glue the pipe to a flange. The flange would then be screwed into a wooden board. Not sure if they will work either, the screws may pop out. I will probably have to set her onthe floor instead. Unless someone has a better idea, would be much appreciated if u did.

    • Barbara, I don’t know how to do it, but I have one question – do you have a way to find the studs behind the wall so you can use long screws? And is there a wooden backing on the giraffe’s neck?

      • I was going to apozy glue the base unto a wooden board like I did on my elephants. The glue company said their glue hold over 1000 pounds. I will go to Home Depot and buy a stud finding tool.
        I also apozy the big ring hooks on back of board. It held up the elephant. Remember when my elephant fell off the wall? Well he’s up there now guarding the entrance to my art/cat room

  • Hi, Jonni. Haven’t commented for a while but managed to do a few today, but there was so many wonderful new sculptures on your site, that I had to quit and just say how impressed I am with all the work, however I must say how nice it was to see Eileen’s Fast Faces.

    I am slowly recovering, but haven’t yet attempted any art work except what I do on the iPad. I have more tests coming up as well as a lot of dental work due in part to the anemia and of course my age.

    I am so glad you are here so that I may come and visit with you and your friends.

    • Hi Joyce. It’s good to hear from you again. Are you home now? And I agree with you about the new sculptures we’ve been seeing lately on this page. What a creative group of artists!

    • Yes, Joyce, nice to hear from you. Can you get my dental work while getting yours done! I have a cousin who was just diagnosed with anemia and she is on a pill that puts her to sleep for the whole day. I told her to get out her old iron frying pan — might help with the iron!

      I agree with you about Eileen’s fast faces. They are great. Get well quickly, um, as fast as we can at our age!

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