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Paper Mache ChihuahuaWant to show off your paper mache creations and join the conversation with other sculptors? This is a great place to post a photo of your recent work.

You’re also welcome to share some of the challenges and insights that you gained from your sculpture, even if it isn’t quite finished yet. Need some advice on how to get through a sticky section of your project? Just ask – someone will be sure to offer an idea you might be able to use.

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  • I see my post came on twice due to re-sizing…and for some reason my partners profile photo from her blog . Anyway it gives me a chance to put one more photo on showing the materials I used.

  • After a friend lost her lovely Schnauzer after 13 happy years I decided to give her a different kind of memory. She has a lovely new puppy now but she got this as a little Christmas present from me. Made from crumpled newspaper and tape and then covered in paper towel to create detail. The cheap kitchen towels have tiny perforations that disappear with the flour, wood glue and water mix I use. The typical Schnauzer details are made with brown string flossed with a comb. The nose and eyes are plasticine and the jacket is removable – fastened with Velcro. Hope you like it!

    • Iain, the beard and eyebrows on your sculpture make it absolutely wonderful. It looks so real I expect him to start barking when the doorbell rings. Yes, I certainly do like it!

  • This is a Schnauzer I made for a friend who sadly lost her companion after 13 happy years. I’m delighted to say she has a new puppy now and I thought it would be a fun challenge to give her a different kind of memory. Made of crumpled newspaper and tape to get the form, I then used a cheap paper towel to create the detail. I find the cheap towel rolls have very fine perforations that dissapear with the flour, pva glue and water mix I use. The typical Schnauzer look was made by flossing a brown string with a comb. A little plasticine was used for the nose and eyes followed by an acylic paint finish. I used 2 coats of a very strong boat varnish to protect the final result. The jacket is removable and just fixed with velcro.

  • Drum roll Egor is up on my wall again. He is king of my jungle. I made aTaj Mahal entrance to my art/cat room. My kids think I’m nuts

    • Congratulations, Barbara! I’m glad he survived his fall and that he’s now gracing the wall again. And don’t worry about the kids. Kids always think their parents are nuts. 🙂

  • Hi Jonni,

    I have a couple projects I would love your feedback on. I would also like to compliment you on all your creativity, research and talent! I use your paper mache recipes and couldn’t be happier! The possibilities are endless and your site has a plethora of fantastic ideas. This first picture I am putting up is called “Dragon Window”. Inspired by both Game of Thrones and The Hobbit. Actually, it was my husbands idea. LOL This project was quite a beast. It weighs 34 lbs and is almost 4 ft in length. I hand crafted the resin eyes, which was new for me. The teeth are made from epoxy clay and I put my hubby to work on them since the dragon was his idea. I think there is 55 plus and just for fun I painted some glow in the dark paint on them. I also liked the idea of giving the dragon head a setting instead of a traditional head mount. In the past I have worked on wall murals and the idea of having a 3D scene sounded fun. I think I used 10 batches of paper mache clay, luckily my husband used his drill paint mixer to help accomplish this. 😀

    • This is the other project I wanted your feedback on. I made a life-size white lion head. The base is about 3ft tall and the entire piece weighs about 23 lbs. I used white yarn for the mane and for the flocking. I also made the resin eyes and used the resin to add the look of moisture on the nose and mouth. I spent days brushing out yarn and gluing it on. Next time I will most likely use faux fur but everything is a learning experience. I made the whiskers/eyelashes out of heavy fishing line and had to drill holes for each one. Your paper mache clay recipe dries like a rock, which I love.

      • It’s beautiful, Kim. I can see why you would think it took a long time to brush out the yarn on his mane, but it looks so nice. I love it. I hope your etsy store is a huge success!

    • It’s a very nice dragon, indeed. Be sure to tell your husband that I think the window was a great idea, and it was nice of him to make all those teeth for you. With his metallic skin and the colors in the background, it looks like he’s glowing from reflected light from a fire or sunset. It’s stunning.

  • This was my first attempt at making a mask!! And it surprised me how well it turned out!!

    I randomly came across Jonni’s fast setting paper mache paste technique while looking for ways to make paper mache masks (just for fun). I ended up buying her book and trying this out. I even had to make my own mask mold (because I couldn’t find a plastic one that fit my needs).

    I did have a few questions along the way, and I don’t think I ever found the answers I was looking for online. But I made do with trial and error and chalked it all up to experience.

    I ended up putting a good several layers of gesso on this mask because it was a little flimsy, partially due to the length of the nose. Also, other parts of the mask didn’t seem to have enough paste absorbed into the shop towels. I probably could have also sanded it a little more.

    For paint, I ended up painting with a few layers of white acrylic paint and then detailing it with some silver metallic paint as well as some thinned down silver metallic paint (thinned down with water).

    Anyway, I hope to make more masks!!

    • I forgot to add that I finished it with a few layers of matte polyurethane finish, just in case I do want to wear the mask out.

      • Nathan, the mask is funny and made me laugh. That is quite some nose (I have a long nose myself, but not quite that long).

        If you have questions along the way, I’ve found people on this blog have a lot of insight. Wish I had gotten on a year before I did.

      • The gesso helped strengthen the mask since I used Jonni’s recipe (which uses the same ingredients as the fast setting paper mache paste, just in different ratios). The plaster in the gesso helped strengthen the nose especially! It also helped smooth out the mask.

        Thanks everyone for your comments and encouragement!

  • Jonni,
    I just wanted to say “Hi” and Thanks! I used your YouTube videos and your book on masks to create head dresses for Lion King for my Daughters theater group. I am really excited about how they are turning out!

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