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Paper Mache ChihuahuaWant to show off your paper mache creations and join the conversation with other sculptors? This is a great place to post a photo of your recent work.

You’re also welcome to share some of the challenges and insights that you gained from your sculpture, even if it isn’t quite finished yet. Need some advice on how to get through a sticky section of your project? Just ask – someone will be sure to offer an idea you might be able to use.

There’s a size limit for photos (249 kb or less) to keep the page from loading slowly. If your images are too big, and if the photo is on your computer, you can resize it quickly using this free online picture resizer.

Our friend David Harshman says you could also download your image to your Facebook page and then download it back to your PC. That way, Facebook’s automatic program will resize it for you.

And our friend Iain says: If your photo is too large for the site, try this easy solution. Click right on your photo and select Open in Microsoft Paint. Go to Resize and you’ll see it says 100% pixels. Change to 50% – if the keep ratio box is ticked it will automatically change both boxes (height and width). Click the save icon then look at the bytes at the bottom of the page – after one 50% reduction its usually down from 800 – 400. The pixels will read 100% again, so you just reduce once more by 50%. It usually gets down to 200 or under and you can save it and upload.


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11,987 thoughts on “Daily Sculptors Group Page

  1. my name is Vivian and I am just starting this. Still shredding newspaper to create something. I love looking at everyones creations.

    • Yeah, what Jonni said. I can’t believe they wouldn’t grab it out of your hands as you walk in the door without a question being asked. You certainly have your own style, and I love what you do. Just great.

      (I don’t know how such a small town as Delta, Utah, managed to get a statue of Mark Twain sitting on a bench outside the library, but it gives many people happiness every day. It is life-sized. I can’t imagine yours would not do the same.) Perfect.

      • Thanks Rex. As always. Your comments are very appreciated. I do have distinct style. Just not sure if it appeals to everybody. Well c’est la vie.

  2. Hey Jonni. I just finished my Mark Twain Sculpt. I did it in a more a caricature style. Exaggerating his mustache and mouth.

  3. Sorry I didn’t upload the picture to my previous comment.
    Now here is the picture of my young version of drogon.

    • Franzi, love your dragon. The egg is exquisite and beautiful, fitting somehow. The drogon is really fine. I can’t wait to see your post how you managed it.

      When I was much younger (40 years ago), I used to go to science fiction conventions. They had a room where people could bring their art for auction. A young artist did a painting somewhat like this, and the dragon was a baby clutching a penny. He barely fit on it, and a ray of light from outside the cave struck him. This brought back that image. Just delightful. There was fierce competition for the painting, and it ended up selling for $1,500, which brought tears to the artist’s eyes. So, your drogon brought back happy memories. Thanks.

  4. Hi Jonni,
    this is my first attempt at using paper mache. It´s the young version of drogon from “game of thrones”. Thanks to all the great recipes and videos from your site, everything went very well. I have lots of photos from each stage if you’d like to see more. I would be happy to share this with you and the UPM community. Thanks a lot for introducing me to a great new way to create art.

    • It’s fantastic, Frazi! And yes, absolutely – we do want to see more. Would you like to write a guest post for the blog? That would give many more people the opportunity to see how your Dogon was made. If you would like to do that, I’ll send you an email to let you know what I’d need.

  5. Hola Jonni este es un trabajo que hice en el año 2013 basado en tu primer video del elefante. Es un mular de carga y desde alli he seguido experimentando en este bello arte del papel maché. Gracias por tus videos.

  6. To all – I am curious to know what everyone’ s average project time is from start to finish. The medium of the project doesn’t matter. I find myself staring and finishing a project within 2-4 hours. Am I just a fast sculptor or to impetuous to finish ?

    • Hi Allan – when I worked on the Fast Faces for my book, they took less than 30 minutes. When I design a pattern for a mask or work on a project that will be shown on video, it takes up to six weeks. Kinda depends… 🙂

      Good question, though!

      • Thanks. Jonni. I guess it just depends on the artist. My wife says I’m just a fast sculptor. I’ll think about a face for days ,sometimes weeks. Then when I start it seems to go very fast.

        • I think that working quickly often produces the best work. When we go slowly we sometimes edit too much and end up losing some of the spirit of the work. I’d love to have every project take no more than a day or two, but it just doesn’t always work out that way.

        • That’s what I call “being in the zone!” Speed does depend on quite a few things for me. What medium is a big factor for sure. If you need to do an armature, then several layers like you do with paper mache or Pal Tiya, then do the finishing, well, those are long processes. But if you start with a big ol’ hunk of clay, I agree that it would be faster. I love it when you are in the zone though. It is so satisfying!

    • Like Jonni said, it is very dependant on the piece for me too. From the first bend of wire to the final paint on my paper mache 12 – 24 inches is about 14 hours. Combined time. Smaller ones, between 3 and 5 hours. Watercolors take about the same. Drawing mediums (oil pastel, chalk pastel, pencil) are usually faster still, but I’ve been working in those longer.

      • Thanks. I appreciate your input. I guess it really depends on your vision and the materials your working with.

    • My brother used to tell me, I think just to annoy me, “Prior planning prevents poor performance.” I don’t do anything in 2-4 hours, so I think your method works well for you, and you are fast. Your experience must also have something to do with it. I will say however you do it, it works well.

  7. Hey Jonni. I almost forgot. A side project I’ve been working on. A sculpture garden using concrete mix. The sculptures are a Victorian lord. A Tibetan cyclops. A rock sculpture. A chimpanzee, a gorilla. And finally Charles Laughton as Gracchus from Spartacus.

  8. Hey Jonni. Wanted to post a pic of a sculpture I just finished casting. Its titled Quiet Desperation, From a Pink Floyd song titled Time. He’s cast in plaster. With black blue bronze finish. Sorry the photo is s bit blurry. I’m still have trouble resizing them.

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