Make a Murder Hornet Halloween Mask

Last week I asked for some ideas for Halloween masks, and I received over a hundred exciting suggestions!

I spent hours going over the list here on the blog and out on YouTube, and finally chose the Murder Hornet mask idea from Baba Daza, one of our YouTube subscribesr.

If you’d like to see how the murder hornet mask came out, click here.

There were so many great ideas on the list, both for masks and sculptures, that they could keep me busy for a year! I’ll be doing more of them, as soon as I can. Thanks to everyone who sent in their ideas!

So, why did I choose a Murder Hornet for this Halloween mask?

  • Murder hornets are kind of scary. That seems appropriate for a Halloween mask.
  • When you look closely, they have beautiful faces, but all the shapes are fairly simple and easy to sculpt.
  • They’re black and orange – perfect colors for Halloween.
  • They look like something that a movie character designer would come up with – but they might put balls on the end of the antennas.

I started with a bowl turned upside down, added aluminum foil and hot glue, then applied one layer of paper strips and paste.

Then I added a thin layer of paper mache clay.

In the next video I’ll smooth the surface with a paper-thin layer of joint compound, then paint him.

I’m only making the murder hornet’s head…

But if you make the whole hornet, with all his body segments attached, please let us see how it comes out!

And for an even crazier bug mask, watch the video series about a cicada mask, starting here. This mask is sort of a bug, sort of an alien – made with epoxy clay. And this one is definitely not a bug – but it’s really weird. ?

9 thoughts on “Make a Murder Hornet Halloween Mask”

  1. My dog has stopped me twice while watching this video. I don’t think she wants to see it! I agree with Eileen; putting the bowl on your head was as scary as it is going to get. I keep seeing that image in my mind all the day. Just odd enough to be really scary.

    Now I’ve had my fun, I love the mask. A great suggestion turning into a great mask. I would love to make one to put on my front door. My dog usually uses the back door anyway! Thanks, Jonni.

    • I just watched the trailer of The Fly, after you mentioned it, and I forgot how scary that movie was. I think it would be fun to have a portrait gallery of a lot of different insects – we almost never look at them close up, to see how beautiful and alien they are. And maybe some deep-sea fish, too. :)

        • I didn’t know there was two of them! I looked at the trailer for the one with Jeff Goldblum. It was pretty scary-looking, but now that I took a look at the older version, I think it might give me nightmares. :)

  2. I just sent this to my daughter in law, some neighbors found a cicada killer wasp and spooked the neighborhood. I had a nest of them last year and they freaked me out. I went to the internet to learn how to kill them and found out that they DO NOT harm humans. And, they never bothered me or my neighbors. I haven’t noticed them this year.
    Fun, creative mask by the way.

  3. My mental image of you trying bowls on your head actually made my day! The things we artists do! The mask/ helmet looks great and what a great idea! I am sort of obsessed with bees(and sharks) myself so doing a murder hornet is priceless! I hope I never meet one in real life.

    • I hope my sister-in-law’s honey bees don’t meet one, either. She lives very near where they’ve been found in the state of Washington. Maybe they’re figure out a way to stop them from going native – we can always hope! (And it was rather fun trying on my bowls. :) )


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