Halloween Skulls with Lighted Eyes

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Skulls with Lighted Eyes?

If you watched my “clown skull” video, you know I wasn’t excited about them.

OK, I really didn’t like them at all!

I want to thank everyone who told me the skulls would look better if they were painted as Day of the Dead sugar skulls. I really did intend to do that – but in the end I decided to be lazy.

These lighted skulls were really easy, and I didn’t have to do any fine detailed painting, which I really don’t enjoy doing. And I happened to have some of the LED lights left over from another project that I’ll tell you about next time.

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2 thoughts on “Halloween Skulls with Lighted Eyes”

  1. Jonni- these skills are not too scary for little ones.. My grandkids are aged 3-7 and they would not be scared by these and they would think them very cool! I think kids these days have been conditioned so much by Halloween stuff all around that they don’t get frightened by decorations. They are more afraid of real life! My 5 year old one is currently obsessed with black bears being around. No sir, there are no black bears on the NJ beaches!


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