Restore Art Auction Lion Mask

mixed media lion mask

lion mask patternNote: I recently created a new lion mask pattern for paper mache. It’s a lot more realistic than the whimsical mask I show you in the video above.  The downloadable lion mask pattern is made with cardboard pieces taped together, plus one layer of paper mache and that lovely raffia mane (made with a cheap table skirt).

And now, back to the original post:

This display mask is the first project I managed to finish in my new house in Volga, South Dakota. I’ll take it down to the Brookings Restore tomorrow, right after the varnish is dry and the brass washer has been hot-glued to the back to reinforce the hole I made to hang the mask.

It was fun having an “assignment,” of sorts. Since the art auction rules require that the artwork has to be made, at least in part, with items purchased at the Habitat for Humanity’s Restore, it pushed me to be a bit more inventive than usual. It was also fun walking around the store, looking at all the stuff they have in there. (While I was looking around at the Restore, I bought a really cute little reclining chair for $16!).

I didn’t show it in the video, but I actually took the larger electric cables apart by pulling the smaller wires out of the sheathing. For that reason, I ended up with a lot more wire than I thought I would, and the wires were nice bright colors. That gave me an excuse to go a bit wild with the paint job. He fits right in with the bright green walls in my kitchen. It might also help the lion to fit in with the other artwork that will be sold at the auction, since they’re encouraging children to participate. 😉

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