Murder Hornet Halloween Mask, Part 2

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The Murder Hornet now has his Halloween colors, and he’s ready to scare the neighbors into handing out some treats.

    I think the hornet mask would slide around a little without some felt glued around the inside, or perhaps he could be worn over an backward-facing baseball cap. I didn’t take it that far because I’m a little too old to go trick-or-treating this year. There just comes a time when you have to step aside and let the kids have all the candy. :)

    I used some drywall joint compound to smooth the paper mache clay. If you’d like to see a video showing how that’s done, click here. If you keep it paper-thin, it will work over paper strips and paste, too. But it will need to be protected by paint, because the joint compound all by itself is quite fragile.

    I drilled three holes for the shanks of three buttons. They’re all different, but I think they still look just fine. I held them in place with hot glue.

    Then I sprayed it with white primer, and painted him with acrylic paint.

    Now all that’s needed is a coat of varnish. I’ll use matte varnish on most of the carapace, and gloss varnish over the eyes. This self-leveling clear medium might make it look even more glass-like. Or maybe a resin product of some kind. I don’t have either one, so I’ll use the gloss acrylic varnish that I have on hand.

    When the tiger is done, you’ll find him on my here, along with patterns for all my other patterns for realistic animal sculptures and masks.

    We want to see your Halloween masks, too. Whatever you make, be sure to come back to the Daily Sculptors page and show it off. Or just drop by and say “hi.” :)

    10 thoughts on “Murder Hornet Halloween Mask, Part 2”

    1. I have to take it back. That is a scary bug when you put it on. I agree with Jeannie, the black-and-white was very dramatic. It’s been a great video treat.

    2. Fabulous helmet! You are so hard on yourself about the proportions! No one would have noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out. You might not go trick or treating but you could certainly answer the door with your helmet on! But who knows what the whole trick or treating thing will look like this year anyway…..

      • He is really crooked, though. It would be really easy to fix, in case anyone else has that problem. :)
        I don’t know if we’ll get trick-or-treaters, or not. With a crazy election coming up soon afterwards, we really need an excuse to be silly this Halloween. I hope people find a way to have fun, even if it isn’t in the traditional way.

    3. Oh WOW that is one scary bug!!

      Very well done! I am sure your neighbourhood kids would be suitably scared and hand over the candy! You are never too old for candy!

      Thanks for sharing

    4. I love the finished helmet! But I was also impressed with the black on the white before you added the orange. It looked like a Murder Hornet Storm Trooper!

    5. Jonni,
      Just let me say that I admire you so much for what you do and your talent is just as admirable. My thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.


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