Lantern-Eyed Fish Alien Mask

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An Alien Mask Based on a Lanternfish? Sure – Why not?

My alien mask is a little weird, but the 12-year old kid next door says it’s pretty cool, too. :)

This was a fun, easy project, and the lanternfish eyes on the mask would make it impossible to ignore, either on the street or at a party. It isn’t a fast project, though, because there are a lot of times during the build that you have to let it get dry.

Don’t tell anyone, but I intended to make a mask of that deep-sea fish with a mouth full of needle-like teeth and a lighted thingy dangling on a pole in front of him. It would have been a very scary mask, but for an older crowd into all things weird, it would be a lot of fun. They’re called lanternfish occasionally, but their real name is anglerfish.

Then I saw photos of the real lanternfish, with his huge lighted eyes, and I knew I had to make a mask like that, instead. (I may have taken a few creative liberties… :) )

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7 thoughts on “Lantern-Eyed Fish Alien Mask”

  1. That mask is wonderful and very creative. It almost makes me want to go out for Trick or Treat! I’d have to make one first, of course. I loved watching this video and seeing your creative side. Fun. The neighbor must be ecstatic! Thanks, Jonni.

  2. That is a cool mask to steal the words of your 12 year old neighbor! I think the powdered pigment would be to actually put it into the clay to color it. There is a Pal Tiya tutorial on the use of them in that mixture. Perhaps you could try them in clay So that you wouldn’t need to paint the sculpture. I know powdered pigment is used to color cement.
    Also, I think the lighted up portion of a deep water fish is to lure prey since there aren’t too many beings that deep in the water. I agree, it is not for them to see better.
    In all, a fun project. Will you wear it to greet your Halloween visitors?

    • Thanks, Eileen. I should have done some research about those lights – I just now found out that the lights that go up and down their sides actually flash, and it confuses predators below them who mistake the lights for “light speckled water.’ The article didn’t say why the lights are behind their eyes, too – maybe it’s just a reflection from their other light spots.
      Lanternfish eyes
      I gave the mask to my young neighbor, so I hope to see it when they come trick-or-treating. Is 12 too old for that sort of thing? My parents had a rule about the allowable upper age, but I can’t remember what it was. :)
      Are you and the grandkids ready for Halloween?

      • Yes, we had age limits too as did my kids but now you see all ages. It’s kind of tough when you get a bunch of high school kids coming to the door. It’s not cute any more, a bit scary unless you know the kids.
        Not at all ready with the grandkids. They had better not spring me with a last minute making of a costume! No, they can but maybe I should ask to be sure!
        What a nice gift for your little neighbor!


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