Hyena Headdress Mask Pattern


Hyena Headdress Mask Pattern –

For the Hyenas in
the Lion King Play


Hyena Headdress Mask Pattern

These headdress-style hyena masks are easy to make with this pattern and cardboard from a few cereal boxes. Tape the pieces together. Then just add paper mache and paint.

Your hyena can be sweet and lovable, or he can be mean and crafty – customizing his look is easy. See the video below to see how.

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To make your hyena mask:

Tape the pattern pieces together to create your hyena mask
Step 1: Cut out the pattern, tape the pieces together, and add styrofoam balls for the eyes
Add teeth to your hyena mask if you want.
Step 2: Add teeth if you want a more ferocious look.
Add paper mache to the hyena mask
Step 3: Add paper mache. I used brown paper and wood glue.
Paint your hyena masks
Step 4: paint your hyena masks.

Finished size: About 9 inches (22.86 cm) high, 11 inches (27.94 cm) wide and 14 inches (35.56 cm)

Watch this video to see how to customize your hyena mask:

Play Video

And watch the video below to see a fast, easy way to cover your mask with paper mache.

A lion helped with this video, but the method works just as well for the hyena masks. 🙂

For each paper mache Hyena Masks you will need:

  • Printer
  • Copy paper or full-sheet labels (recommended)
  • Glue stick if using copy paper for pattern
  • Cardboard from 5 standard-sized cereal boxes
  • Paper towels
  • Sharp scissors for cutting cardboard
  • Tape, both clear plastic tape and masking tape
  • Aluminum foil
  • Glue gun
  • 3 cm Styrofoam ball
  • Paper strips and paste (or use brown paper and Titebond III wood glue like I did – recommended)
  • White primer or acrylic gesso
  • Acrylic paint and varnish
  • Artists’ brushes
  • Black felt


Hyena Headdress Mask Pattern
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Hyena Headdress Mask Pattern

14 thoughts on “Hyena Headdress Mask Pattern”

  1. Hello! I know these have been on here for a few years, so I’m hoping you’re still here. I want to buy ALL patterns from the lion king. I know there is a deal on the lions. Is there a deal for all the other patterns? (Hyenas, Timon, pumba, mandrill, etc…)?

    • Hi Stephanie. Yes, there’s actually a deal on every purchase over $30. When you order, the second checkout window has a link that says “got a code?” Just click on it, and paste in the coupon code, with no spaces – 15%OffOver30 – and you’ll receive the discount on all your patterns, including an extra discount on your lion patterns.

      Have fun! 🙂

  2. I am LOVING your site! Bought your lion and hyena patterns and I’m finding the process just so fun and accessible because of all of your well-documented instructions, both video and written.
    Two questions:
    Do you put the wood glue paper mache on the inside of the skull cap or just the outside?
    I’d like to get a lot of caps done and measured to kids’ heads before determining which animal goes on front (hyena, lioness, etc). Can I go ahead and paper Mache them or do you recommend that they only be paper macheed after being attached to the mask portion?

    • Hi Ashleigh. I don’t add paper mache to the inside of the caps, but the extra layer of paper mache on the inside would make them stronger. The paper mache is needed to create a strong connection between the cap and mask, but if you want to do the paper mache on the caps first you could add more strips of paper and glue after the mask is attached to them. The cap patterns may vary slightly between the different animals. If you make up a lot of them, just keep the hyena caps separate from baby Simba, etc.

      I’m so glad you’re having fun with the masks! When you’re finished with them, I know we’d all love to see how they come out. You can upload some photos on the Daily Sculptors page, if you’d like to show them off. 🙂

  3. Where can I find the pattern for the Hyena mask and not the Hyena Headdress mask. The one made from cardboard.
    Thank you

    • Hi Monica. Thanks for asking. I took the old version of the hyena one off my pattern page because most people were trying to turn it into a headdress mask for the Lion King Play, and the new version is much better for that use. If you prefer the original version, you can go directly to the checkout page by clicking here. The pattern is $7.

      • Hi,
        I need Hyena mask, but one that goes on face. Does the link in comment above work? And would it be posible to see how that pattern looks? Is it similar to headdress version?
        Thank you

        • Yes, that link will take you directly to the checkout page for the old, original hyena mask. Here’s another link that goes to a checkout page with an image on it:

          That pattern does not make a hyena that will look at all like the new ones, but it does go in front of the face. It looks like this:

  4. I watched your video Hyena part 1 and Hyena part 2 and I like the way it looks.
    I want to buy the pattern, however the pattern on your site looks like it’s for a different Hyena.
    I want to make sure I buy the right pattern.
    Thank you

  5. Have you ever worked with a mask/sculpture for Pumma? I did one out of foam rubber block- its great but heavy.

    • No, I haven’t. Is Pumma a character? I just did a fast search and I can’t find it, for some reason – and I’m probably going to feel really silly when you tell me, because I probably should already know. Do you have a link to help me remember?

  6. I feel funny telling you about this. I bought the Mandrill mask. Pcs 1 and 2 are identical. Should one be a mirror image of the other?

    • Thank you so much for telling me, Randy! I can’t believe I did that. 🙁

      I fixed the pattern and sent the updated version to everyone who ordered the pattern, but it may take a few minutes to get there. If you don’t see the email in your inbox within the next hour or so, please check your promotions folder.


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