Baby Tiger

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Lots of people who saw my big white tiger mask told me I should paint an orange tiger, too.

That gave me an excuse to paint some stripes on my Young Simba headdress pattern from the Lion King Jr. Pattern Collection.

I made some big boo-boos when painting this little guy, but it’s no big deal to make a few mistakes. And if you don’t mind fixing a few things along the way, it’s really not hard to paint a baby tiger – even if you’ve never done it before. If I could do it (after several tries) you can do it, too.

If you already have the Young Simba headdress mask pattern, you don’t need another one. Just cut it out and tape it together again, and paint stripes on it this time.

If you would like the Lion or Tiger cub pattern alone, without the adult tiger, you can find it on the Lion King page – just scroll down to the Young Simba or Nala image. That’s the pattern I used for the baby tiger in the video. :)

7 thoughts on “Baby Tiger”

  1. Thank you so much for genorously sharing such beauty with the world! I am inspired by your art and your kindness.

  2. Hi Jonni,
    I love the baby tyger the most!
    He’s very cute and beauty painted.
    His eye’s looks very good, well done!!


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