Sanding and Painting Stargazer Man

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Now that the Stargazer Man has his bronze finish, I’m starting to like him. :)

The Stargazer Man is based on the face of a stargazer fish, so, naturally, he’s weird. But I’m starting to like him. The faux bronze paint helped. Sanding him helped, too.

I never sand paper mache clay, but I was in a real hurry when I made him, and I got sloppy.

Scroll down to read Alan Monteith’s story, where he introduces us to the Stargazer. And thanks, Alan, for sharing it with us!

I mentioned a lot of different things in the video:

But wait – there’s more! :)

Alan’s “Introduction to the Stargazer”

I guess it is sort of like your movie “Men in Black” when they retire and become normal people again; they stare at the sky and look at the stars. 

There are not many Stargazers, first of all, it is hard to date and find a wife. It is hard to look your date in the eye when all you can do is look up. The other problem is that when we kiss, we give each other a shock. Sure, it is funny the first couple of times, but it is not fun for long. 

I wonder all over the galaxy just to see what there is to see. You guys have kept me company by sending up all kinds of spaceships and space stations.  You should pick up you space trash; there are a lot of dead satellites up here. 

You keep on sending up different generation of the starships Enterprise captains; James T. Kirt, John Luke Picard, Cathern Janeway and Benjamen Sisko. They think that I am just another alien like the Ramu-lens, Firangi, Bajo-ran, Borg or Klingons. There are so many space travelers out here that I started a spaceship washing service. You got to have a clean and shiny spaceship. 

I bet you think I have a dog named Astro, like George Jetson. I did have a dog but he, but he was chasing the spaceship Jupiter from “Lost in Space”, and he never came back.   

You guys say that looking up is optimistic, but it makes it hard to pick something up when you drop it. Because I look at the stars a lot, I always have a twinkle in my eyes. God did a great job when he made the heavens, and He allows me to enjoy them every day. 

Come over to my place and see me some time. I do not live far from the “3rd Rock from the Sun”. I am venomous but you have a bigger problem, no air here. I do hide in the sand, so be careful where you step.  If you see Mork from “Mork and Mindy”, tell him I said, “Nan O Nan O”. 

© 2024 Alan Monteith
Sanding and Painting Stargazer Man

About silly stuff…

I had a lot of fun making the little Stargazer, even though I’m still not sure I’ll keep him. (He doesn’t really fit with anything else in my house.)

But I really do think it’s important to make things just for the fun of making it, without worrying about whether or not it comes out right. It isn’t just fun – it’s relaxing, and it can even help us become better artists.

If you happen to make something silly yourself, remember to share it on the Daily Sculptors page. :)

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