Fur Texture with Paper Mache Clay

Fur texture with paper mache clay

This video shows a fast and easy way to create a fur texture using paper mache clay. This would work for any long-haired dog, or even a man’s beard.

Painting the Rooster

Painting a Rooster Sculpture

In this video, my Magic Sculpt rooster gets his bright red comb and wattles, and his white feathers.

Paper Mache Octopus

How Cindy made her paper mache octopus.

This paper mache octopus project started with crumpled newspaper and masking tape. Then I wrapped wire coat hangers with tin foil to make the tentacles…

A Haunted Tree for Halloween

A Haunted Tree for Halloween

This haunted tree was made with paper mache clay. It was a centerpiece for a Halloween display, and this post shows you how to make it.

Make a Paper Mache Jaguar – Guest Post

Make your own paper mache jaguar with this illustrated tutorial by our friend Sattik Halder. The steps are easy, and after he’s got his spots, it looks amazing.