Painting the Rooster

Painting a Rooster Sculpture I painted my rooster sculpture today. He started out with a wet clay model that I sculpted with the use of a cardboard pattern. … Read more

Paper Mache Octopus

How Cindy made her paper mache octopus.

This paper mache octopus project started with crumpled newspaper and masking tape. Then I wrapped wire coat hangers with tin foil to make the tentacles…

A Haunted Tree for Halloween

A Haunted Tree for Halloween

This haunted tree was made with paper mache clay. It was a centerpiece for a Halloween display, and this post shows you how to make it.

Make a Paper Mache Fennec Fox

This delightful fennec fox was created with paper mache. These cute animals are popular pets, and they're just as adorable as art. Full tutorial by guest blogger Sattik Halder on #art #pet

This beautiful paper mache Fennec Fox was created by Sattik Halder, an 18-year old self-taught artist from Calcutta, India, who says “I love animals, especially … Read more

Hello Dinosaur, Bye-Bye Kangaroo…

paper mache dinosaur - Therizinosaurus

This paper mache Therizinosaurus is just getting started. To make one of your own download the dinosaur pattern on this page and follow along as I continue building him.