Sculpt a Baby Bonobo, Starting with WED Clay

Sculpt a Baby Bonobo with WED Clay

This WED clay sculpture of a grinning baby bonobo is the first step of the project. In the next video he’ll be finished, and I’ll hang him on my bathroom wall, to add a touch of cheer to the small space.

Make a Pufferfish with Paper Mache Clay

Make a Puffer Fish

This guinea fowl puffer fish is easy to make with paper mache clay. The fins are made with foil tape, so they can be bent to make him look like he’s swimming.

Fast Paper Mache

Fast Paper Mache

This special foil tape makes it safe to bake your paper mache in the oven, even if it’s sculpted over an armature made with foil and hot glue. Fast paper mache!

Fur Texture with Paper Mache Clay

Fur texture with paper mache clay

This video shows a fast and easy way to create a fur texture using paper mache clay. This would work for any long-haired dog, or even a man’s beard.

Painting the Rooster

Painting a Rooster Sculpture

In this video, my Magic Sculpt rooster gets his bright red comb and wattles, and his white feathers.

Paper Mache Octopus

How Cindy made her paper mache octopus.

This paper mache octopus project started with crumpled newspaper and masking tape. Then I wrapped wire coat hangers with tin foil to make the tentacles…

A Haunted Tree for Halloween

A Haunted Tree for Halloween

This haunted tree was made with paper mache clay. It was a centerpiece for a Halloween display, and this post shows you how to make it.