Three Hour Wolf Mask

three hour wolf mask

If you ever need a really fast mask, for a school assignment or a party, this fast method might save the day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Make Winnie the Pooh with Paper Mache

Make Winnie the Pooh with Paper Mache

Making Winnie the Pooh is a fun, easy project. I could have made Winnie the Pooh faster if I’d done a little planning in advance. But it’s fun to just start out and figure things out as you go, (as long as you’re not making a ‘serious’ sculpture.)

Sculpt the Mad Hatter with WED Clay

Sculpt the Mad Hatter with WED Clay

Want a fast, fun project? Grab some clay and sculpt one of your favorite literary characters. In this video, I sculpt the Mad Hatter, from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, using WED clay.

Wolf Head Wall Sculpture Pattern for Paper Mache

Wolf head pattern for paper mache wall sculpture

This new wolf head pattern helps you create a life-sized, realistic wall sculpture for your home. The pattern is easy to put together, and you can give your wolf his expression with a few small bits of crumpled foil and masking tape.

DIY Modeling Paste Recipe

diy modeling paste recipe

This is a really simple recipe – just some drywall joint compound with a small dab of acrylic paint added. It works really well for adding fur texture to a paper mache sculpture.

Kneesaa the Alpaca is Finished!

Painting the alpaca

This is the last post in a three-part series, sculpting a portrait of Kneesaa. She’s an alpaca that I met at Blue Dasher Farm in South Dakota.

Sculpting with Cardboard – a Book Review

Sculpting with Cardboard

This is my favorite new art book – it shows you how to create wonderful faces, figures, animals, trees, birds, trains, and more, with materials that cost almost nothing – just cardboard, tape and paint.

New Jaguar Pattern for a Mask or Wall Sculpture

New Jaguar Mask Pattern

This new jaguar mask pattern can be used in a play as a headdress mask, or you can display it as a wall sculpture. The pieces go together fast, and it’s really fun to paint all those spots. ๐Ÿ™‚

Paper Cement Clay Update – After One Year Outside

Paper Cement Clay Update - weatherproof sculpture

After a year, the toad I made with paper cement clay is still doing fine. However, in this post we see that it may not work for everyone, and I answer some common questions about the weatherproof sculpting recipe.

Easy Pattern for a Clownfish Mask

New Clownfish Mask Pattern for Paper Mache

This new downloadable pattern creates all the shapes for a clownfish mask. The pieces go together quickly, and there’s only three colors so it’s easy to paint.