Sculpting Stargazer Man – Part 1

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I tried out the new Paper Mache Clay recipe by making this silly space alien based on a Stargazer Fish.

Making all the weird shapes on this Stargazer general (or is he really an interstellar slave??) was a lot of fun. It’s just a bunch of crumpled foil strips, foam and wooden balls that I found in my stash, and some cardboard, over a mannequin head printed at 60%.

Adding details to Stargazer Man with foil balls, wooden beads and crumpled foil.

I’m really excited about the new paper mache clay recipe – it’s now my favorite, and I’ll be using it from now on. But I was in a really big hurry to find out if the new recipe would work, so I didn’t take the time to apply it as smoothly as I should have. But I really wanted to know – would it dry as hard as the original recipe? Would it be fun to sculpt with? The answer is ‘yes!’

Adding paper mache clay to the Stargazer Man sculpture

But I did hurry, so the paper mache clay is really rough, as you can see in the photo above.

In the next post I’ll clean him up with some cheap new tools I found at the hardware store. I never sand paper mache clay unless I have to – but this time, I have to. If you’re more careful when you make your Stargazer Man (or anything else), you can use this easy method to make it smooth.

If you just happen to write a short story to explain how Stargazer Man ended up on Earth, please post a link to it so we can read it. I’d love to know more about this crazy-looking guy. ?

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