25 Paper Mache Tutorials You Won’t Want to Miss!

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We have so many wonderful guest posts on this blog that I couldn’t include them all – but this is a good list to start with.

From easy to challenging – you’ll find your next inspiring paper project here:

You’ll find many more great tutorials on the Blog,  and you can see photos of our reader’s own projects here.

Have fun!

6 thoughts on “25 Paper Mache Tutorials You Won’t Want to Miss!”

  1. This is a wonderful video. I definitely need to try the blue Herron.

    I love all the work that you do. I bought almost all your mask kits just about a year ago and have yet to make one. I too have a full time job and 10 acres in Wisconsin. Yard work is never done!

    I decided yesterday that I am going to quit my teaching job (elementary art. I am 47 and just diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. I am very lucky that it was caught and my treatments will have minimal side effects. I need to stay a way from germs for quite awhile and little kids are nothing but balls of germs. COVID doesn’t help. This is a hard decision as I have taught for 20 years. But my husband and I think it is best. Now, I will finally be able to make art for me and not for lesson plans.

    Your videos and tutorials bring me joy and inspiration. Thank you for being you and sharing your passion. Thank you for listening as well.

    If you could send be some good juju or prayers I would appreciate it, I will take what I can get. Here is to many more years of creating!

    • Hi Kimberly – we’ll all send you some good vibes, as us hippy-types used to say. I hope your treatment goes well, and that you have a lot of fun when you finally have time to make those masks. With that 10 acres, I’m sure nature will find plenty of outside work for you to do, too – but there’s nothing more healing than sunshine. Except for art, of course. :)

  2. Thanks so much for this post, Jonni!
    I’ve have dug through your archives, but I certainly have missed a few of these gems…and some which I saw previously are worth re-watching and saving, as my own skills continue to evolve.

    This is a great way to showcase some of the many fabulous posts on your site. I hope you do more “retrospectives” now and again.

    Thanks so much! My work would not be nearly as rewarding or successful without your site and your ideas, as well as those of in our community of makers!

  3. Thanks Jonni for a fabulous reminder of all those great tutorials. I am also honored that you chose some of mine! It is good to be reminded of the various aspects that were featured on them so that when we go to do our own project and we want to try something different, we can refer back to these tutorials. They are such great reference materials written by so many talented artists! I’ll bet this video took a long while to compile….it is appreciated.
    You are not the only one in the garden these days either! We lost several trees in wild storms last year and for the first time, I now have sun in my yard. I now have a veggie garden! Plus I needed to transplant a bunch of shade loving plants to be out of the sun! I’m still not done!(is gardening ever done?) Thanks again.

    • Hi Eileen. It sounds like you’re having fun in the sun. My garden has the exact opposite problem – there are too many trees, so no part of the garden gets enough sun. It still seems to be doing OK, though. The chicken compost really helps. :)


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