Make a Paper Mache Jaguar – Guest Post

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Make a Paper Mache Jaguar - Guest Post

This paper mache jaguar tutorial is from our friend Sattik, who lives in India. It’s obvious that he loves these big cats. He also suggests that we can learn more about them by visiting the National Geographic Big Cats Initiative. Thanks for the great tutorial, Sattik!

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How to Make a Paper Mache Jaguar

I’m Sattik Halder, and I am back with my my new project, a paper Mache Jaguar. This is also my tribute to the big cat family. We should protect nature and wildlife. But humans show cruelty to them. So I have tried to make life-size paper mache Jaguar sculpture.

Here is the tutorial of it.


  1. old news papers
  2. cardboard
  3. papertape (masking tape)
  4. glue
  5. poster colours (or acrylic paint)
  6. paint brush
  7. scissors


Cardboard pattern for a paper mache jaguar.

First, make a cardboard pattern of the Jaguar. And cut them down accordingly. Make sure you are safety enabled while handling the Scissors. [Note from Jonni – if you aren’t sure how to make a pattern for your own jaguar sculpture, check out this tutorial.)


Add padding to the cardboard jaguar pattern.

Then start adding the crushed newspapers on the pattern as flesh with paper tapes.Bind the whole sculpture with paper tapes.


Creating the face shapes on the paper mache jaguar.

For the face portion it is is a bit complicated but not hard. Refer to an original Jaguar picture if you want or you can see the picture below. But for the eyes keep them Hollow to attach them later on after the whole sculpture is finished.


The jaguar's limbs before the paws are added.

Beginning to sculpt the jaguar's paws.

The paper mache jaguar's paw.

Now now for the body first make the body portion after that attached the Limbs with newspapers to make the all sculpture look puffed.


After the whole sculpture is finished , take some small pieces of white papers and cover the whole sculpture with the help of adhesive. Make sure you wear gloves .

The paper mache jaguar with limbs attached.

After it hardens, you can see how white it is looking. Check for some details whether they are alright or not this will help you you to figure out the defects in your sculpture which will make it more perfect.


Using paper balls for the paper mache jaguar's eyes.

Then attach the eyes by making big Paper balls are you can attach glass Eyes if you want to. Then add some more details like the nose and many other things.

Then your sculpture is ready to to be painted. And don’t forget to make the paws.


The jaguar's painted spots.

The finished paper mache jaguar.

Then paint the whole sculpture as directed in the picture or you can refer to an original picture. First paint the whole sculpture in a shade between orange and brown. Keep the ventral areas white. After it dries, take black colour and and make patterns of Jaguar body by referring to a picture.


Sattik with his finished paper mache jaguar.
Sattik with his finished paper mache jaguar.

Make the finishing touches by painting the eyes and adding nylon strings as its whiskers. And your Jaguar is finished!! What an amazing beauty they are!!!

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Make Your Own Paper Mache Jaguar

16 thoughts on “Make a Paper Mache Jaguar – Guest Post”

  1. It is awesome! I loved the finushed Jaguar, the guy is an artist. Thanks for sharing this amazing tutorial with us. I lovec the whiskers! Seems real! Thanks a lot!

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful jaguar, Sittik! You have captured the form and markings in your piece. Your love for the jaguar really shows!

  3. Wow, really nice sculpture and painting Sattik, thank for sharing and for letting us know about the big cat initiative. Keep up!

  4. Dear Jonni do you have a class where people can attend? And if so, where and when, cot and length. I am one of those who learn better hands on. Thanks for being here for aoo of us.

    • Hi Violet. I live in a tiny town that is hundreds of miles from a city, so I don’t do any classes. Some of my readers, do, however. You might want to put your comment on the Daily Sculptors page and ask if anyone has classes – they’ll need to know what town you live in, too, unless you’re willing to travel.

  5. That is a great Jaguar ! The picture you behind it is awesome as if you are hanging with your Jaguar Pal. Nice work and Thank you for sharing .


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