Make a Paper Mache Fennec Fox

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This delightful fennec fox was created with paper mache. These cute animals are popular pets, and they're just as adorable as art. Full tutorial by guest blogger Sattik Halder on UltimatePaperMache.com #art #pet

This beautiful paper mache Fennec Fox was created by Sattik Halder, an 18-year old self-taught artist from Calcutta, India, who says “I love animals, especially big cats, and this leads to my passion for traveling in jungles of India.”

When not creating animal sculptures, Sattik also likes to read and study mythology and spiritualism.

This little fennec fox is just as lovable as a real one, (they’re so cute!) and I’m so excited that we get to see how it was made – especially those adorable toes! And the ears, and the eyes …

I’ll get out of the way and let Sattik show you how it was done:

The Steps for Making a Fennec Fox with Paper Mache

© 2019 Sattik Halder

Here is the full tutorial of how I made my Fennec Fox sculpture.

Materials required for the paper mache sculpture:

  1. newspapers
  2. cardboard
  3. white sheets of paper
  4. glue
  5. black beads for eyes
  6. poster colours
  7. paper tape

Step 1: The Pattern

paper mache fennec fox pattern

First draw the pattern on the cardboard piece as shown in the picture. Then cut them accurately. Make sure your hands are safe while handling the scissors. [Note from Jonni – you can see how to make a pattern here.]

Step 2: The Face

Creating the face of a paper mache fennec fox

First start with the face portion. Go on on adding crushed newspapers with the tapes as shown in the picture. Leave space for the eyes.The face should be shaped like the original Fennec Fox.

Step 3: The Body

Filling out the armature for a paper mache fennec fox 3

Then start with the body. Stick 2 newspaper balls on both side of the body in the middle for the tummy.

Step 4: The Limbs

Add padding to the legs of the paper mache fennec fox

Now now add the the Limbs cutouts on the body by sticking them with the tape. Then make the muscles by adding newspapers with tape.

Step 5: The Ears

Ears for the paper mache fennec fox

Now make the ear pattern as shown in the picture. Stick them with tape. And apply newspapers on it.

Step 6: The Paws

Adding paws to the paper mache fennec fox 6

Now comes the paws. It is really easy to make them. Make 3 small newspaper balls for each leg. Below is a picture of how I made it.

Step 7: The Tail

Next is the tail. Make sure that the tail is bushy and fat enough.

Step 8: The Eyes

After the whole work is done. Stick the eyes on the empty spaces.

Step 9: The Paper Mache

Add paper mache to the fennec fox

Then apply small pieces of newspapers on the whole body with glue as a coating. After that hardens apply another coating with small pieces of white papers to make the sculpture more strong and smooth. I have done 2 layers of coat, one can apply more than 2.

Step 10: Painting the Fennec Fox

The finished paper mache fennec fox

The last step is of colouring. Apply sandy yellow colour on the body surface gently with a paint brush.

Then and colour the inner parts of the ears with pinkish colour.

Don’t forget to to make the nose with black colour or you can stick ready-made nose. Add a few more details along with the fur texture made with brown colour that would make your sculpture more realistic. You can refer to the picture as a guide.

Painting fur on the paper mache fennec fox

After finishing the whole process you get your complete Fennec Fox sculpture. They are always adorable and cute as well.

Thank you,

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12 thoughts on “Make a Paper Mache Fennec Fox”

  1. Awesome! Sattik I loved your fox! it’s really amazing. thanks for share this wonderful tutorial with us. Namaste!
    Thanks Johnni, your website is really the best in the paper mache’s world.

  2. Awesome! Sattik I loved your fox! it’s really amazing. thanks for share this wonderful tutorial with us. Namaste!

  3. Sattik, your fennec fox is so cute and true-to-life. I love it. Many thanks for providing the tutorial.

    Best wishes.

  4. Thanks jonni, I think this would be a good way to make your little dogs instead of the wire. You always inspire me.

  5. Great fox. He is adorable. Thanks for showing us your artistic side and an introduction to a great little animal. I would love to see one — in the wild, of course. Thank you for the tutorial.

  6. Great job! Thank you for introducing a new type of Fox to me. I appreciate the way you painted its back to convey the different fur colors. Keep up the good work!


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