DIY Art Therapy – Sculpting a Portrait of a Giant

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Let go of your stress while playing around with clay.

That’s what I did today with this sculpture of a Giant’s face.

Clay is intuitive, it feels good in the hands, and there’s no pressure if you never intend to keep it as a permanent sculpture. If life is stressing you out, grab some wet clay and have fun with it. 🙂

This is not a tutorial, obviously. I just needed some DIY art therapy, and decided to turn on the camera while I threw some clay around. 🙂

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DIY Art Therapy - Sculpting a Portrait of a Giant

Update: During another play-time with clay, I created a face that I’m calling an Ogre, and I even made a pattern for it. I don’t know why anyone would need one, but if you’re in a bad mood and you want everyone to know about it, check out the Ogre mask pattern here. 🙂

When I get a few more hours to play around, I’ll fix the forms on the Giant’s head, make him look a little less menacing, and add his helmet. That nose is bugging me, too – and he needs some curls in his beard. 

Do you have a special way to use art as a way to let go of the world for a little while? Any tips for us? Let us know in the comments below. 🙂

2 thoughts on “DIY Art Therapy – Sculpting a Portrait of a Giant”

  1. When your project is giving you a hard time it is a great idea to let it rest a bit and decompress with something else, playing around with clay, having a cup of coffee, chatting away with friends… In wich step of the project is your moose giving you a hard time? Are you working on it as a clay project but with paper mache? or are you trying to make a pattern wich will be reproducible?
    Always love to see your projects¡ clay, paper mache… very inspirational¡
    Thank you for sharing

    • Hi Olga. I agree that it is a good idea to walk away from a project, if it isn’t going too well. Some time off might let you get some new ideas. The moose will be one of my patterns, if I can get it to work. His face has some ridges and bumps that are difficult to achieve in cardboard. If the pieces aren’t cut in exactly the right way, they tend to just flatten out all the ridges. I just now finished a new clay model, a bigger one this time. and I’ll start again in the morning. Wish me luck. 🙂


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