DIY Art Therapy – Sculpting a Portrait of a Giant

DIY Art Thereapy - Sculpt a Portrait of a Giant

Let go of some stress while playing around with a clay sculpture of a Giant. Clay is intuitive, it feels good in the hands, and there’s no pressure if you never intend to keep it as a permanent sculpture. If life is stressing you out, grab some wet clay and have fun with it. 🙂

Covid cronies

Covid Cuddle air dry clay sculpture

Made by Trui Malten All my theatre work dried up from one day to the next in March. I am mainly a lighting designer, but … Read more

Archangel Wings

Archangel Wings

Archangel Wings made by Sarah Manchester – full tutorial for making them with paper mache and paper mache clay.

DIY Gnome Update

DIY Gnome Update

My DIY Gnome spent the winter outside, in Minnesota – and it’s still waterproof and hard as a rock. Success. Except for the varnish…

Make a Gnome – Part 2

Make a Garden Gnome

In this video we see how the gnome is covered with a hard-coating to keep out the rain, and his face is made with Magic Sculpt epoxy clay.

Sculpting with Paverpol

Today we have a guest post from our friend Eileen Gallagher.  We receive a lot of questions and comments about Paverpol here on the blog, … Read more