Character Study – Lessons Learned

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I used my new mannequin pattern and some plastilina clay to sculpt a very sad face, based on a drawing from the Making Faces book. Then I covered it with four layers of paper strips and paste.

Then I put it in front of a fan and let it dry.

But because of one big boo-boo, I couldn’t get the paper mache off the clay. It wasn’t stuck to the clay, but the paper mache wouldn’t slide (or move at all!) over the clay. The only way to get it off was to do a lot of digging and prying, and that would have distorted the shape of the paper mache, and might even tear it.

Lessons learned! Be sure to watch the video to see how the sad little character was made, and how I could have saved it if I had done just one more thing before adding the paper mache. If you’d like to see the video about using a layer of thin plastic over clay before adding the paper mache, click here.

2 thoughts on “Character Study – Lessons Learned”

  1. Hi Jonni! Thank you so much for sharing your mistakes since that’s where we learn most from!
    I had an idea that might help when warming up the small packages of clay. How about letting the package(s) set in a bowl of very warm to slightly hot water before removing it from the package? You could even put the bowl or cup on one of those electric candle warmers…which I use to keep my cup of coffee or hot tea warm in the morning as I sip on it. That way viewers wouldn’t have to risk burning themselves by microwaving it. Just a thought!

    • That’s a great idea, Janet. After the first time the clay is used, it could be put in a plastic bag, and heated up like you said. Thanks for the idea! 🙂


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