9 thoughts on “Self Portrait”

  1. Love this! Did you use your thin paper mache and lay on your face as a mask to get your dimensions to build on? Once did that on faces and hands and it worked very well. Didnt think of building up the eyebrows, etc after. But might give that a try again. Your self portrait and many other works are very inspiring.

    • Thank you . I just took a look at some of your work . Very creative eye candy . Enjoyable to look at . Excellent work .
      On my self portrait , I think the spectacles and the beard might convey the Lennon look. Very interesting observation . I had not noticed that before , but I agree .

  2. I really like your portrait!
    I’ve been thinking about trying sculpting heads, but wasn’t sure how things might look using paper mache clay. I really like the addition of real glasses and the hat, which really bring the figure to life.
    This work of yours is so motivating.
    This is a wonderful piece I continue to study…thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for your comments. I made the paper mache from brown paper bags . I tear the bags into small pieces , soak the pieces in not water, and the use an immersion blender to turn it into a brown paper bisque. Then I strain it . After that I put it , a little at a time , in linen and twist the linen which removed most of the water. The next step is to knead it with white glue. I store it in plastic bags and sculpt it with regular clay sculpting tool.

    • Thanks for your comments. I appreciate the feedback . I took a look at your website …..fascinating use of mixed media , totally original work . I also sometimes go “outside the box” when I make a creation …..using whatever material that serves my purpose .
      Keep up the good work !

  3. Fabulous! Does it look like you? To do an actual person is really tough, tough to get the likeness correct. He/you look like an old salt ready to get on the fishing boat. Very well done!


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