Ballerina Bunny Gets a Head… Finally!

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“Bronzed” Ballerina Bunny, Part 2

She’s still far from done, but the paper mache ballerina bunny is further along than it was in the last post. Right after I made that video, I started pulling the old paneling off the walls of my “new” 100 year old house. Then I pulled down all the broken plaster, creating a gigantic, nasty mess! Next time I think up a “little” project like that, please stop me!

Anyway, the old plaster is now in boxes and out in the garage, waiting for a trip to the dump. Most of the dust has been swept up, and I started painting the new walls yesterday. Enough has been finished to make me think I could take a break – and now the bunny has both a head and a new set of ears. No eyes yet – that’s in the next video.

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41 thoughts on “Ballerina Bunny Gets a Head… Finally!”

  1. Hello, here is my Sausage Dog Snitzel, I made using your wonderful inspiration.
    Thanks so much for your knowledge and for sharing it.

    I tried to paste a photo of it , but I wasn’t able to for some reason sorry.

  2. Lovely site–I made a batch of your clay to make a small faux ram’s head trophy for my son.
    As I was watching your bunny video on creating the head, I realized I sometimes get frustrated with lots of tape-pulling.
    I think it is a lot more convenient now (and faster!) to plug in a hot glue gun and use THAT to stick together lumps of taped newspaper wads. Then I used tape for security–just an idea!
    I am going to show my students this site tomorrow…so glad I found it.
    Thank you,

    • Great idea, BD. And we would all love to see your son’s new ram’s head. Do you have a photo you could share?

  3. Jonni … your site is exactly what I needed for new inspiration ! I love your easy and informative style and approach. I will be attempting a Degas bunny for my studio window for the Spring season. Also, I look forward to purchasing your book(s).

    Thank you so much and keep up the good work !

  4. Hello,
    I bought your book and am having a blast with paper mache.
    Thanks for all your hard work and knowledge.

    I was wondering about the liquid antiquing, you talk about, and am having a problem finding the right kind. I know yours says Golden, but I can’t find it in any craft stores or online. Is it the kind you wipe on then wipe off? Thanks for your help. Also do you put it on before the glaze or after?
    Thanks Lynn

    • I buy my Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid online from Blick’s. You can wipe it off – that’s how I normally use it. It keeps the paint from drying too quickly, so you have time to work. I use it at the end of the process, just before the varnish (the glazing liquid does take about 24 hours to dry, though).

      • And what a great giraffe! (I don’t get to see your photos when I first get your comments, so it sometimes takes me a while to find them.)


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