Ballerina Bunny Gets a Head… Finally!

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“Bronzed” Ballerina Bunny, Part 2

She’s still far from done, but the paper mache ballerina bunny is further along than it was in the last post. Right after I made that video, I started pulling the old paneling off the walls of my “new” 100 year old house. Then I pulled down all the broken plaster, creating a gigantic, nasty mess! Next time I think up a “little” project like that, please stop me!

Anyway, the old plaster is now in boxes and out in the garage, waiting for a trip to the dump. Most of the dust has been swept up, and I started painting the new walls yesterday. Enough has been finished to make me think I could take a break – and now the bunny has both a head and a new set of ears. No eyes yet – that’s in the next video.

To see the rest of the Ballerina Bunny series:

41 thoughts on “Ballerina Bunny Gets a Head… Finally!”

  1. WHAT A FABULOUS SITE!!!!! Jonni, you are so amazing! I love all of the videos, tutorials and inspiration. …and I just watched the rabbit head come to life….what a sweet sculpture it is turning out to be!!! I just ordered your book. It should be here this week…can’t wait!!!!! I already bought the ingredients. I’ve been working with a celluclay/sawdust mixture for many years and am so excited to try your recipe!! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful info. You are so very kind and generous!!!!!!

  2. Calling all Paper Mache artists !

    I am an interior designer in San Diego California . Jonni told me to post a request for artists on this site .

    I am looking for an artist or multiple artists that are willing to display their work at the Del Mar Fair in June . I am doing an interior design vignette of DOGS , life sized to the breed .
    The theme of the fair is “Game On ” so I want to show dogs at play or dogs sitting at a table playing a board game or cards .
    You can just display the pieces or you can offer them for sale with pick up at the end of the show . There are many dog lovers that attend the show so I know the pieces in my display will
    easily sell if you want to part with them . Please contact me at valerieachao@yahoo.com or on
    my cell phone at 619-723-5120

  3. LOVE the gesture in the bunny’s pose! Very like the snooty young girl of the original. I always enjoy your experimenting with different media and techniques, and your commenters’ as well.
    Lesley’s cat-bear-tiger cub is a great example. πŸ˜€

  4. Love your site and your wonderful creations. I’ve only done one paper project a few years ago, really enjoyed the whole process. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and love of this media. Here’s a pic of my piece. The nails and teeth are glow-in-the dark Polymer clay. Can’t wait to see the rabbit finished.

  5. You are funny. . . reconsidering your base (which by the way looks perfect to me). But, I understand. I need to invest in a chain saw to add to my paper mache tools inventory. .. for the times I want to cut thru an armature (wire, cardboard, wads of newspaper and tape). Such a critical eye, for our own work, can be such a curse don’t you think??? LOL

  6. can you put the PC over the towels? I know you used an Elmer’s glue & I think plaster of Paris as a finishing coat. I working on two little people for a mini shrine. I only have the armatures done. I’m going to use all of your formulas. Went shopping yesterday & couldn’t find dry, dry wall mix, o ly pre- mixed.

    • I always use the pre-mixed form of joint compound, because the dry form contains Portland cement. It might harden before you want it to. The paper mache clay will stick to the paper towel/fast-setting paste. I used some of the pm clay to create a fur texture on my wolf mask. I think it turned out nice.

  7. Jonni,

    What a fabulous video. Love your bunny posture. The detailing of the head sculpture was so detailed. You are an inspiration. I too
    am doing some reno work and when I get finished I am going to do some papier mache too. Thank you so much for
    your excellent video lessons.

  8. Oh, what I’ve expected. I’m glad you’re back.
    Bunny ballerina is absolutely wonderful.
    Should be fun to be with the ravens and the Frog.

  9. I went on holiday to Madrid (Spain) and saw a painting ‘portrait of infanta Margarita by Velasquez at the Prado Museum. I just tried to make something similar to remind me of my visit.

  10. thank you so much for answering me. This started out as a cat (using your design). I realized that my paper clay had a consistency that made the fur seem as though the animal had just come out of the water so I decided to make it into a polar bar. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the face right so I turned it into a white tiger cub. The important thing is I really enjoyed myself.

  11. I am so , so impressed when I see what you do with your art. And your sculptures are Wonderful to look at. Thanks for showing the process…….Can’t wait to see this one finished….
    Thanks JIM

  12. I just bought some Scot blue shop towels from you mask instructions. Why wouldn’t you use a layer of that blue towel formula over ballet bunny before starting with the paper clay? ( paper clay give better detail for the head, but I think the blue towels would work better for the ears and make them stronger.)

    • Good idea, Daryll. I think I’ll follow your advice and use the paper towels for the ears. It might work for the tutu, too, but I’ll probably stick with the plaster cloth, since I still have some. In fact, the entire bunny could be covered with the paper towels and fast-setting paste, but the PM clay is kind of fun to spread, so I’ll probably use it instead. πŸ˜‰

  13. SO Cute!!! Jonni you make sculpting your pieces look so easy. How do you do that???

    Really looking forward to your next video.

    • Heh – I do all my boo-boos off camera, that’s how. Although I’m now reconsidering the base, which seems a bit too big, or off-center, or something.


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