Snowman Made with Paper Mache Clay

This was written to test our new form, but the snowman was fun (and easy!) to make. You can see the post here. And to see several other snowmen that were submitted by readers, use the search bar and type in “snowman.”

Why did I create a new form, when we could post images in comments before?

Because the old system worked great 11 years ago, but that plugin hasn’t been updated by the developer for years and it only works with tiny image sizes. That kept way too many paper mache artists from sharing (and bragging a little) about their latest projects.

It was time for a change. (OK, it was “time” about five years ago, but I’ve been busy making stuff…)

If you’re reading this now, you may be one of the first people who’ve seen the new form. Here’s what to expect:

When you post a photo along with some info about your work, it will be held for moderation. That means that I have to look at it to make sure it was submitted by a real person, and that the post is family-friendly. It also has to be about your artwork, and not about “plumbing,” or “making money online.” No spam allowed.

As soon as I see your post I’ll review it. If it meets the criteria listed above, I’ll hit the “publish” button and send you an email to let you know your post is online.  A small version of your first image will show up on the Daily Sculptors page, right at the top. There’s also a link to your full post, which will look a lot like this one. That’s when you can tell everyone you know that your work is now featured on one of the largest and most popular paper mache websites on the Internet. (Hey, I can brag a little too, can’t I?)

Be sure to subscribe to the comments on your posts so you can respond when people have questions and when they compliment your work.

And if you try the form and something doesn’t work, please let me know.


Snowman Made with Paper Mache Clay

3 thoughts on “Snowman Made with Paper Mache Clay”

    • Hi Alice. I’m glad you like the snowman. I should go outside and make a real one, but it’s too darned cold! 🙂
      Did you try to upload a photo with the form? I’m still not sure it’s working right, so if you’d like to test it, feel free.


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