Paper Mache Horse by Connie Kulow

Made by Connie Kulow

This is my first paper mache project. Created using wire, wood, plastic grocery bags, paper, 5 rolls of masking tape, paper mache clay, home made gresso and acrylic paints.

After putting on the clay, I put a round of joint compound only on it and tried to smooth. It would not smooth out, so I did some sanding. Then realized had I added glue to the joint compound it would have become gresso. I put a round of gresso on it and even with using a damp cloth, could not really smooth it out the way I envisioned it. It did smooth some, but I question whether I put enough clay on to cover the masking tape originally. I’m ready to put on the coat of varnish.

I think over all I did a good job and I do like “Maddie.” She will get a nylon halter for Christmas.

Paper Mache Horse

Paper Mache Horse

7 thoughts on “Paper Mache Horse by Connie Kulow”

  1. Connie, I love your little pony, she’s adorable!

    Can I ask how you did the mane and tail? I’m starting a pony of my own soon (a life sized one, yes, I am quite, quite mad!) and would love its hair to look as nice as Maddie’s x

    • How exciting! A full sized horse will be awesome to make! The mane and tail was created using a synthetic hair extension (pony tail no less!) that I purchased from Amazon. I ordered two. I had already put a coat of paper mache clay on the entire horse before deciding on how to make the tail. I cut about 6 long strands out of the pony tail and wrapped the strands (probably a good inch or so) tightly around the end of the extension to draw it close it together and then used hot glue. Then, I attached it to Maddie using the glue gun as well. Using strips of masking tape, I taped around the pony tail (leaving some of the knot exposed) to make sure it was sticking to the horse. I added a couple of plastic grocery bags and masking tape to reform the rear end near the tail. Then, I applied a coat of paper mache clay. One dried, I sealed the entire horse with a coat of joint compound and glue, and then varnish. The awkward part was trying to keep the pony tail out of the way when using the paper mache clay, painting the horse and varnishing. For the mane, I simply used hot glue after Maddie had been painted and varnished. Good luck with your project!!! Can’t wait to see your masterpiece when it’s done!

      • Thank you so much, Connie, that’s really helpful!

        I will be documenting my horse’s build on this site as a guest sculptor, so you’ll be able to see how it goes; it’s the least I can do after all the support I’m getting from you all x

  2. Thank you! She will live in my guest room, which is equestrian decor. I found a 3 ft horse wire frame, probably to wrap lights around. I had to raise her height, using 2×4’s with heavy duty staples to attach the wire to the wood. Her back, while solid, will not support any weight. Her body was formed with lots of grocery bags, paper, masking tape and love! Ribbons would be perfect….thanks for the tip 🙂

  3. Beautiful Connie! Where will she reside? Did you use wood or pvc inside? If children try to sit on her, will she collapse?
    You could also put red and green ribbons in her mane for Christmas! Nice work.

    • Thank you Jonni! I appreciate all your videos and advice. Your work is such an inspiration. My next project will be much smaller. lol


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