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Little Swedish Tomte helping to spread the joy.

Have you just finished a great paper mache mask or sculpture? Use the form below to share it with your fellow artists. We’d love to see it!

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  • If you had any challenges while you were making your mask or sculpture, please let us know what they were – and how you managed to overcome them. That will encourage other readers to try making something of their own.
  • After your post is approved, be sure to share it with your friends. In fact, go ahead and brag a little, because your work will be featured on one of the largest and most popular paper mache websites on the Internet. πŸ™‚

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22 thoughts on “Show off Your Paper Mache Art Project”

  1. Nominees this page opened for meeting this time you fixed it.
    S o as the holidays were busy hopefully continue on sculpting
    In a day or two. Thanks Robert

  2. Jonni, if you want to continue to add my paris cat photos to my original post, that would be cool. Thanks again for all you do.

  3. Hi Jonni
    I love your work, I have down loaded many of your patterns and 2 of your books. I have done Art for as long as I can remember I did paper mache when I was very young, but picked it back up a few years ago after seeing one of your YouTube videos I have new seen every one of them. I do a lot of oil painting, and acrylic paintings,

  4. Hey Jonni! How about doing a Bulldog mask!? I’m gonna be making a Bulldog Puppet named “Mack” Like the Truck! He’s Ken Worth’s dog! LOL! ( Ken wears a Peterbilt hat, an International T-Shirt & Drives a Freightliner! LOL!

  5. Hi Jonni – Love, Love your videos.

    Thank you so much for the creation of the frog head. I have made a jumbo size of the head.

    Would you happen to have a pattern to create a frog body? Please email me so we can discuss terms.

      • Yes. I will email you a picture of my frog head. Another question, you have a YouTube video that shows how to creat 3D art from scratch, such as what programs to use.

        Can you please share?

        • I can’t make a video showing my current process for creating the sculpting patterns, because it’s too haphazard and takes too long. I basically start with a clay sculpture, and then make paper mache copies of it. I cut the copies to make pieces that will, hopefully, create the right shapes. I keep doing it over and over again until all the pieces fit and the shapes are right. About six years ago I used Blender to create the frog, the elephant head, the jackrabbit and the bear. It took just as long as my current process, and it wasn’t as much fun for me, so I stopped using a computer program and now start with a real sculpture instead. If you want to try Blender, there are a lot of YouTube videos that show how to use it.

  6. Hi Jonni,
    Thought I’d finally share some of my latest pieces to show you my appreciation for being such a great paper mache advocate and share your wonderful creations online.
    I’m a big fan!

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  7. Hi Jonni,
    decided to put on my “big girl pants” and try to share a photo of my first sculpture attempt via my iphone. I couldn’t get the image to load just so you know. Of course, I’m not the most savvy tech user. I’ll see if my hubby can help when he gets home.


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