Painting the Rooster

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I painted my rooster sculpture today.

He started out with a wet clay model that I sculpted with the use of a cardboard pattern. Then I added the plaster cloth shell, and finally the Magic Sculpt epoxy clay.

And today he got his bright red comb and wattles, and his white feathers, when I put on a coat of acrylic paint.

  • If you want to use my free pattern and make your own rooster head sculpture, you can download it here. Or draw your own pattern for an eagle, or a walrus – you can use the same techniques to sculpt a portrait of any animal.
  • The second video in the series, showing how the Magic Sculpt was added

Products used in the project:

If you decide to use some epoxy clay for a project of your own, please let us see how it turns out. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Painting the Rooster”

  1. Isn’t it fun to use bright colors like your reds and yellows instead of the browns, rusts, and more muted colors of a lot of animals? Sometimes I think on my next project and purposely look for something with color! Of course we all know you have had chickens on your brain these days and that was your inspiration. How are those chickies doing anyway?
    Nice job on the painting. I always use the glaze, it just adds to the dimension.

    • Yes, it is fun to occasionally go crazy with the colors. I really should do it more often. And the chickens are doing fine – they seem to like their new home, and they’re getting really big. Eggs in October, according to the people who are supposed to know these things, but they’re already at work on their real job, turning free wood chips into good compost and mulch.


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