Magic Sculpt Rooster – the Epoxy Clay Layer is Done

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The Rooster now has the Magic Sculpt applied, so he’s very close to being done.

Now all I need to do is paint him, and that shouldn’t take long. It will be red and white, so it should look really dramatic when he gets his colors on.

In this video you saw me take the wet clay out of the plaster cloth shell, and then add the texture layer using Magic Sculpt, an epoxy clay made for sculptors.

Rooster portrait, painted> To see how I created the original clay model and make your own epoxy clay rooster, you can download it for free here.

> You can see how I painted him here.

> And you can find my premium patterns for wall sculptures and masks here:

The links I promised in the video:

Looking for an easier project?

You might want to check out my baby chick video. It’s a fun project, and you can make it with either paper mache clay or epoxy clay.

If you make a rooster, or anything else, we would love to see it. You can show off your work on the Daily Sculptors page.

We have a wonderful group of very supportive artists who check that page every day to see what people have posted. You’re very welcome to join us.

11 thoughts on “Magic Sculpt Rooster – the Epoxy Clay Layer is Done”

  1. He is so cute. Spells adventure all the way. The dog, of course. The rooster isn’t bad, either! I love your videos and this is a great subject. Thank you.

  2. I did not know that roosters have eyebrows either! Your rooster is turning out to be a fine specimen of a fellow! How hard was it to remove that WED clay out of the beak area? I look forward to your painting him. There are some really beautiful chickens out there.
    Your little pup is adorable! What breed(s) is he? He has some coloring of a Rottweiler but too fluffy. Have fun training him. I want to get a pup as well but I need to wait until I can socialize him to kids and other dogs. Can’t have it not being nice to my grandkids!

    • The clay in the beak wasn’t enclosed, so it was easy to get it out. That’s why the throat wasn’t supported behind it, in fact. I built up the beak shape over the pattern, but didn’t cover the inside if the beak with plaster cloth.

      T.J. is a Australian Shepherd/English Shepherd cross. I’d never heard of an English shepherd before I saw the ad. I thought they were talking about an English Sheep Dog, but that’s a totally different thing. He’s a really sweet dog, and loves everyone. The neighbor’s little boy was blowing bubbles yesterday and scared him, so I need to get him around more kids – and soon. They say the socialization window is pretty short. Do you know when they intend to open up your state? You must really miss the kids.

      • He is a really sweet looking dog! I had never heard of an English shepherd either. My last dog was great with kids and other dogs until age 2. Then she turned! Kids made her nervous and while she never did anything to a child, I could tell by her body language how unhappy she was. As she got older, she would just avoid, leave the room. This is fine but kids can be unpredictable and you have to trust that the dog won’t do any harm. Maybe your neighbor would like to play with T.J.?
        Our area is in the yellow phase now. I have individually seen the kids and grandkids and it has been wonderful! The parents are extremely cognizant of not exposing the old parents to anything that the kids may contract. We still are careful going out in public and avoid large groups. How about you?

        • Our area really never went into lock-down, and so far only one person in our county has tested positive for the virus. The stores are open now, but everyone is still being really careful. The kids came out yesterday to introduce their dogs to the puppy (their older dogs were totally uninterested, so no playtime – but we had a nice walk down to the lake). We all wore masks while they were here and they don’t come inside the house. I can’t wait until it’s over so we can all go back to normal! Jessie has a big show coming up next week in Sioux Falls with over 60 paintings. And, of course, she doesn’t know if anyone will show up. They can if they want to, but most people are still sticking pretty close to home. Keep your fingers crossed for her!

          Coincidentally, a puppy training book I’m reading said that many dogs change their behavior when they’re two years old. I never knew that before, but it sounds like your dog was right on schedule.

          • Poor Jessie, not the best time to have a show! Around here, all the art shows have been cancelled or become virtual. I can’t imagine many people would buy an expensive painting/sculpture without having seen it in person. My October show is cancelled but the jury is still out for February. I wish Jessie well and hope it is well attended. Is it a one person show or lots of artists?


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