Sculpting a Rooster Portrait with WED Clay, Plaster Cloth and Magic Sculpt

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I just started on a sculpture of a rooster, using WED clay, plaster cloth, and (next video) Magic Sculpt epoxy clay.

Rooster portrait, painted

> To see how I added the Magic Sculpt, click here.

> To see how I  painted him, click here.

I used the materials I had on hand, and I just happened to have some WED clay. (I love working with it, so I always have some in the studio.)

If you’d like to make a rooster portrait and you don’t have these materials, watch the video to see how you could achieve the same thing using sculpting materials you already have in the house.

Links mentioned in the video:

If I forgot any, please let me know. :)

Be sure to watch the next post to see how I added the Magic Sculpt during my puppy’s afternoon nap. This rooster portrait didn’t take long to make.

And if you make a rooster sculpture, please come back and show it off on the Daily Sculptors page. We’d love to see how it comes out.

5 thoughts on “Sculpting a Rooster Portrait with WED Clay, Plaster Cloth and Magic Sculpt”

  1. Great! Can’t wait to see step 2! I now have an excuse to step away from what I’m working on — to let it settle in my brain! Actually, I left a project I’m working on overnight and this morning did see it with new eyes. It is a great suggestion to help “see” what one is creating. Thanks.

    Love the kitty who is getting ready to take over.

    • Yes, the epoxy clay is waterproof. I don’t think my rooster will go outside, but my squirrel is made with a different brand of epoxy clay and he’s been outside, summer and winter in Minnesota, since 2016 – and he still looks exactly the same as he did the day I made him.


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