Elysia: The Floating Citadel

Made by Benjamin Gill

I had leftover paper mache so I spread some on a masonite board for texture and produced what I call a sculpted painting. All the “Rock” parts of the painting are raised with dried paper mache. The only bad thing was that as the paper mache dried it caused the masonite board to bow in the middle. I kind of need a steel frame now to straighten it out.

4 thoughts on “Elysia: The Floating Citadel”

  1. Benjamin,
    I really like looking at your creation. I see something different each time. I did a papermache mermaid holding a mirror. It was flat to hang on a wall. My creation bowed also as it dried even lying flat. I had some luck straightening it out by spraying water on the back and weighing it down flat on the floor (a table would work) and letting it dry.

  2. It looks great, even if it isn’t quite flat. Drying paper mache is really powerful when used over flat surfaces, as you just demonstrated – but sometimes that can be used to advantage. If you do make a metal frame for it, please let us know if it works. 🙂


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