Mardi Gras Scar!

Made by Emily Rosenzweig

I used the Scar pattern to create a Mardi Gras lion headress. Also wanted to show other people a way to make them stay on more securely — I hot glued a hard hat suspension into the skull cap so that you can cinch it closed around your head.

The hardhat inside the Scar headdress mask

The cap of the paper mache lion headdress mask over a hard hat suspension harness

6 thoughts on “Mardi Gras Scar!”

  1. Hi Jonni,

    You can order just the suspension online, but surprisingly it often costs just the same if not a little more than buying a new hard hat that comes with the suspension! I like the 3M suspensions, which if you’re in the US are what they have in all the hardhats sold at Lowes. Make sure to get one if the “ratcheting” suspensions (with the round knob in the back.)

  2. Emily, your lion is wonderful! Those feathers make a perfect mane for Mardi Gras, and the way you painted him is really nice. I love it!

    Thank you for showing us how to attached the hard hat parts inside – that’s a great tip. Is that something that we could order online by itself, or do we need the whole hard hat?


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