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Paper Mache Chihuahua
  • Tell us about the project you’re working on, even if it isn’t finished yet.
  • Ask for advice if you need it.
  • Help other readers find answers to their own questions about paper mache.
  • Show off your projects when they’re done so we can see how they came out. We love to see what other paper mache artists are doing.
  • And tell us a bit about yourself. We’re glad you’re here. Welcome!

Get a fast start on your next paper mache project or hand-made gift with Jonni’s easy downloadable patterns for masks, animal sculptures and faux trophy mounts. The patterns help you create a beautiful work of art, even if you’ve never sculpted anything before.

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  1. I’ve been working on two birds. The plastic eyes give them an interesting look.
    They need some sanding and then the fun part, painting.
    I found some great tools for applying the paper mache clay, different sizes of paint palette knives.

    • Joan, your birds are so cute! I keep wanting to make some, too, but don’t want to copy something you are doing. My imagination seems to be taking a holiday – I can’t seem to come up with original ideas on my own!

  2. Hi Everyone,
    I promised to post some finished sculptures from a while back…(if you look back at earlier posts you will see them in progress). I know that I have to work on setting up a place to take photo’s and I will…eventually…I just have to get my hands out of the paper mache clay first …lol.
    Ok the first is a dragon made for my son.

      • Can I make a suggestion? I too have no real photo equipment to make pro photos, but I do know how to use backgrounds. If you have a light green sheet or blue and put your art work on it and make a seamless background. Also, if you are not in very cold country right now, shooting outside will give you good light or a window. There are some light bulbs that have the range of colors that will give you the right color balance. They are not that expensive. That way you separate the sculpture from your background and are not competing where your eyeballs will go.

        • Here are some examples of how I use my backgrounds. I buy colored poster board, sheets and colorful pillows to use as backgrounds.

            • Well Terry, the first photo on the left is how I made that orange bowl, the paper towels added the texture to imitate the feel of orange rind. The paper basket is a cat litter container, I cut the top off and paper mached the entire basket inside and out and made that relief on the outside to experiment with it. This was my first attempt. The lower left I used a flavored water bottle and cut it and used colored sand and glass beads to make a votive candle holder. I was trying to make a series about art and recycling. That is what got me into paper mache in the first place. The two photos on the right are two different colors of backgrounds of the orange bowl. I wanted to see if I could represent an orange fruit. I made a watermelon bowl and now this orange.

            • And this shows that you can recycle anything even parts of another project. This vessel was part of a bowl that I had made and cut the bottom off. I made a base for shape and turned out my smallest vessel yet. It was such a nice shape that I did not want to throw it away and it became something new.

            • Really nice bowls! And what is the top middle picture of? It almost looks like the beginnings of a fountain or something. My grandmother use to make water fountains out of papier mache, but I lived so far away that I never got to see how she did them!
              I like the votive candle holder, too, and the kitty litter basket.

            • The top was an attempt to make a stone sculpture for my doll photography. I used a lot of jello cups, chocolate containers and cardboard to make the shape. To get the creases and indents to imitate stone, I put window screen mesh around the form and paper mached it. The shrinkage added further details. That was the first painting of the sculpture, not what I ended up with.

            • This bowl was the last attempt at relief and I was able to refine the design a little bit more.

        • Ok ..so I know there is too much shine or gloss showing ( I have to find a matte sealer but right now all I can find is satin and gloss) . I tried taking a few pictures with an old sheet in the background and a neutral ground. I also used a couple of lights. I can see the the pictures look better but I am still not happy with them. ( I think its the glossy finish). It looks plastic and cheep to me. I would really like to get better details of the skin and other details. I have a fujifilm, finepix with a 18x optical zoom and 14 mega pixels camera. You’d think I could figure it out… ah technical stuff and me hate each other 🙁 Any ways I would love to hear any suggestions on photo taking and hear any opinions on my tiger and dragon.

          • here is the second pic of the dragon …i am gona try a black background with him..I just have to get to town and pick it up.

            • This is much better. The picture is now the main focal point and the lighting is more evenly distributed. Now if you had lamps on posts that you can put at a 45 degree angle to the piece, it would light the picture evenly, and you get less of a glare.

            • These are looking really good! Isn’t it nice of Christine to give you so many wonderful tips on photography? I love the people on this site!

            • The shadows are emphasizing the gloss with the reflections. But, the eye is now just focused on the dragon. But this is an effect used by photographers to emphasize eeriness. But for a first try, good job.

          • What you are seeing are the dark and the light of the photo and the reflections make the gloss look to bright. It is not the gloss, that is giving you fits, it is the lighting. If you can put lamps with out shades on the sides and front of the dragon sculpture, that will even out the lighting. I do have the same camera that you do, go on the program mode of you camera. That is the dial on top and where you see the M, that stands for manual. Go to the menu button and hit it and you will see a list of programs go down to ISO and go to 800, if you are shooting indoors. Then go down the menu and go to white balance and aim at the dragon, press the right button and you will see Auto, custom,fine,shade,flourescent 1, 2,3 and the last is incandescent. Just see which one of those brings out the best in your sculpture. The sheet is a big improvement and the details come out better. Now it is time to work on lighting. To get a better photo, you need more light. You got the first part right.

          • It is not the gloss, but the reflections. If you put the lights on both sides of the dragon making sure that wings are evenly lighted at a 45 degree angle, you will see a big difference.

  3. Here are they Koi…that only took me how long to complete? Forever!!! but they are done.

    the one on the left is called a ‘Sanke’ and the one on the right is called a ‘Tancho Showa’

    • from the front, I use some of my doll eyes and wire. I think they came out pretty cool.

      about 14 inches in length and are designed to sit in a yin yang pattern on the wall. Like the above photo.

    • These Koi sculptures are gorgeous and I love the designs on them. The contrasts of colors really reflect the diversity of real Koi. The sculptures that I am seeing are giving me inspiration to try something new.

      • they were like my second sculpture I ever tried, so to me I think I could have done better, but I like how they turned out.

        The colors now, well I did a search on some different colors for them, I have a koi in my tank but he’s all orange and I didn’t want just a solid color one. So I choose a couple that I thought were interesting.

        and if they inspire you that is awesome, I’ve never been granted with such a complement as that I could inspire someone. I’m all blushy now. thanks

    • Taria,
      These are wonderful! I love Koi and these one are fantastic…and just think no feeding and no pooping :0 ) I have a tank waiting to go…maybe I should just get ones like these for it 🙂

      • LOLOL very true, they only thing I see, is that they don’t move…I like the movment of my koi in my tank. (yes I have koi)

        • Taria,
          I had butterfly koi but had to move and the tank was way too big for my new second floor apartment ;( I loved to watch them swim ( and watched for hours) At feeding time they would come up to me and eat from my hands. Ah I do miss them….I really like yours and it has inspired me to make some of my own…just don’t know when yet.

    • I also did a penguin based on the one from Jonni’s book. He stands 14 inches high and I just eye’d the shape and drew him out, hence the very large ugly feet. The person I was making him for didn’t want it to look like the one in the book, she wanted what she thought was the regular type of penguin. Which to me make him look more comical than realistic. but..I do want I’m asked and just go with the flow. (I personally liked the Empire Penguin myself.) Maybe the next time I make one, I will measure everything out…Nah, I like being complicated…:)

        • Very nice. Penguins do have funny feet, so they just add to the realism – but doing commissions is always difficult. You’re trying to recreate something that’s in someone else’s imagination, instead of yours. Some of us are too chicken to try… 😉

          • Well she actually started this herself, meaning she added the clay to the head and back then stopped, she lost interest in finishing him. I got tired of seeing the poor guy sitting there half naked, shivering without any clay to cover his taped up stuffed body and crooked bent up beak, so I finished him 🙂 and of course she took him. So oh well…what can you do? lol

            You’re probably right about being to chicken. Some times you just want to add what you know will make it look better, but you can’t because they would get mad that it didn’t come out like they wanted. So you are right about that one. 🙂

      • haha ! this is so fun looking 🙂 wonderful work 🙂 I am not sure what you do with your work… but have you ever thought about putting a rock in the center of your fun sculpture and using them for door stops… I would get such a thrill out of see this little holding a boor open for me.

        • Good idea, never thought of that and that would be interesting to see. hmm might try it one day with a geo. since I have tons of those laying around. maybe crack a few open and put it between the feet?

          But most of the time I give my stuff away, I still don’t have anything that’s mine per say. I make for others. the dragon is still not complete 🙁

  4. The collection is growing 🙂 Im up to 30 masks and I am hoping to finish this job up this week… I have a few workshops happening all round the sometime as the painting party so I am just keeping myself going… I am sure there going to go over well with the people at the painting party.

  5. with all the extra paper maching I have been doing this month… I just had to take a few hours for myself and make a neutral mask… I have been dying to make one to see how the mold turned out… here is just a quick pic and I will post more pics once I get more time to things for myself again.. haha ! its great to be busy. 🙂

    • That mask is gorgeous. It came out really well and in its unfinished state is still has a lot of character.

      • I agree. I can’t believe you waited so long to see how it turned out. I know you’ve told us before, but how will your neutral mask be used? Is there a particular play that you’re making it for?

        • Thanks… I have been on this kick as of late deconstructing my “Style and mask making skills” and going over the basics again. For a few reasons I feel like my work has hit a wall I also want to keep bettering my art and it’s been a bucket list of mine to write a mask making text book, So when someone hires to teach mask I can also offer my mask making book.

          Lastly not to get too much into my personal life… I have embarked on to a weight-loss journey to better the quality of my life. I want to feel healthier and I miss being thinner… I would like to do more acting with my masks and the extra pounds are making it really hard to move, I feel tiered all the time and so forth all the things that come along with being out of shape.

          So I wanted to visit the neutral mask as an acting tool and its largely based on movement and dance… so that makes the neutral mask the perfect tool for getting practice acting and preforming as well as a good physical working out… haha! I think I may have just invented a new type of weight loss program “Losing Pound through Mask”

          If there are any readers out there who want to learn more about mask and acting I recommend this book highly the authors name is Jacques LeCoq and the book is called “The Moving Body”

          He is the master mind behind the creation and bringing the neutral mask to theater back in the 60s. This is a theme of mask making I like to visit every few years to try to give my masks simplicity and make sure that I am not over creating my mask… its really easy to over complicate art work… that’s how it is for me… so this is just my way of pushing my work out side of my style and to challenge my skill.

  6. haha! ‘blush’ :3 thank you… it would be great to have you two come to the party…

    since the middle of last year I have really started to market my work… and how to make mask making approachable for the average person with very little art skill… This job has been a little bit of a challenge and I wish I had a few workers to help out.

    Over the years I have had many requests for me to make masks for people to paint, this seemed like a opportunity to test out how that would work. I think there is potential for a short afternoon mask painting workshop for the elderly, young kids or for corporate groups.

    I dont like how tight my deadline is for this project, it seems like once I said yes to this project everyone wants something from me… haha! not that Im complaining I like the work… but if I make a few of these masks every week after this project and build up stock I can always sell them a paint them yourself or even give a ways to promote my other workshops.

    • I wonder if there’s a way to speed up the production, with a press of some kind? Your hand-made masks are beautiful, but if you didn’t have to spend so much time on reproducing them, you could design more. Silly thought? (I’ve been asked for advice on speeding up the process, and I always come up blank. But there must be a way…)

  7. I was getting ready to do my protective coat on a sculpture I had just completed. I opened up my Miniwax Spar Urethane, and it had solidified. I have no idea what happened!

    Oh, well, I guess I’ll get to work on my Yoda statue until I can buy some more.

  8. Joni I hope your house is going to be every little bit you hoped for and more!

    Thank you all for your nice comments on the volcano. I enjoy seeing everyones work so much and feel fortunate to have you share your talents and how to’s with all of us!

    Took a while but I finally got around to working on the dolphin a bit more.

    I put on two more containers and some crumpled up newspaper to give more shape.
    The eyes where bugging me since the head just isn’t wide enough yet so I covered them up and just went on from there. I’ll make new eyes when the time (and shape) is right.

    Will shape and reshape more next time.

  9. This is just to let you all know that your comments might not show up very quickly in the next few days. I’m moving my computer to my new house today, and the Internet connection won’t be set up until sometime tomorrow. But keep posting, anyway – your comments will show up, just not right away. 🙂

  10. Hi Everyone..

    I haven’t forgotten about posting a mold making demo, I have been busy working away on a project… Please click on my name if you want to see some detailed images of the casting process… I so plan on writing a sort guest blog on the subject early next month.

    I thought you would enjoy seeing what I am working on right now… I just finished making 5 molds of a simple Masquerade mask, I’m busy paper maching around the clock. I am hosting a painting party on Feb3 for all the people going to the event, so they can come out and collect there mask for the party and paint it with myself, the band and a few artists friends I have hired to offer helping hands to first time painters.

    It’s going to be a blast and I can’t wait to see the reaction of the people when they get there masks. I will post a pic of the painting party… and one or two as I’m pulling the masks out of the molds. I need to complete 70 masks… I’ve got myself working around the clock on shifts like a factory to insure I make my dead line. I can get up to 15 masks ready per day. It’s not as boring as it sounds… its kind of nice and easier on the hands then all that cutting I did last summer making all those cardboard mask templates.

    happy day friends

    • Douglas, you come up with the most amazing ideas – and they always seem to require you to do hours and days and weeks of work! Your community sure is lucky to have you. (I wish I could come to the painting party – it sounds like great fun!)

    • Douglas, Jonni is right! You are an amazingly talented person and your community is REALLY lucky to have you! I, too, wish I could be at your party – have loads of fun! But please don’t wear yourself out! 🙂

      • Thanks Terry,

        My community really supports me as an artist… I think doing public events like the mask making in the park has really helped sparked interest and this event will give 70 people a chance to have one of my masks for very cheap and have some fun at the event… the band was great and loved the idea of the painting party.

  11. Jonni, something is up with your site..it is acting weird…I couldn’t go on until I posted..it wouldn’t let me past the posting box after posting for Soul. Thats why I’m leaving you this comment…I’ll see if it lets me go on after this..I have longed on and off already and that hasn’t worked so lets try this out.

  12. Hi Jonni,
    I can’t see any of the pictures 🙁 Talk about suspense …lol. I’m reading all these comments and I want to see too. I’m not sure if you no that they aren’t showing up right now, or if there has been a change that I am not aware of. So…I thought I might just let you know in-case..after all your site is my paper mache life line 🙂

    • HI Tammy. I think that some people are posting photos that haven’t been saved for the web, so the huge file sizes are taking a long time to load. I hope you finally got to see them. If you have any more problems viewing the site, be sure to let me know.

  13. I’m making a large ‘lady’, she will sit approximately 21″ tall, with very long legs.
    The head armature (a bit of cheating) is made of fabric, stuffed with paper then covered with paper mache clay. Her eyes are made of polymer clay… couldn’t quite get the paper mache to cooperate.
    The rest of her body is made of fabric. She does look rather ghoulish, but hopefully after I apply frizzy strawberry blond hair, she’ll be less of a fright.

  14. I saw how you did it on your facebook page and I think what a clever idea. It really is a creative approach to the volcano project.

  15. Happy New Year everyone.

    My most recent project was a Paper mache volcano with shredder. Used to ‘burn’ anything
    old that wasn’t worthy to take into the new year.

    When the incense is lit the volcano smokes real nicely as if it is ready to erupt.

    For easy transport it has been taken apart in two.

    Since it wasn’t safe to use sparklers, lights where build in instead for some extra detail.

    More details can be found in the Paper Mache albums on my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Souliam). I should be getting back to working on the dolphin soon.


    I hope everyone had a great holiday… Mine was blissful with just the right about of friends and rest. now its back to work… haha

    just wanted to post this pic… as you read this I am processing the good images… and I hope to have them up on here soon… stayed up late and finish the Neutral mask plaster cast mold last night.


      • Douglas,
        I just had time to go through your flicker tut. and really appreciate the time you took on it. It is well done! Now all I half to do is make some thing out of clay ( never actually done a clay piece before) and try it. I have everything I need but, could only find the milk like carton of plaster of Paris costing $15 from Home depot – Canada, BC . I was wondering if there is something bigger that you might know of? I always see people in tut’s using a bag of it. Is there another name for it???
        Thanks so much for your Tut!!!!! I am sure I will be asking lots of questions soon 🙂


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