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  1. Happy New Year every one 🙂
    I know I haven’t posted any projects lately but I have been working on some. I had to get some stuff ready for Christmas. Now that, thats is over, here are a few pictures of what I have done. I’m not to happy with my paint jobs lately and I am finding it hard to get detail in seprate finger like things (small and narrow) I seem to be doing ok with detail on a surface that is against a background though.
    Questions, Comments, criticisms and advice are appreciated.
    Thanks in advance 🙂 hmm..having some trouble uploading pics

    • Very nice! And I agree – the fingers and other thin narrow things are really challenging. I really like how you’ve made the wings of your dragon. He really looks like he could take off at any moment.

      • Thank you Jonni & Jessica,

        Hi Jessica,
        Yes the wings are cloth. I make the spins with wire, cover them in tape, and inset them into where I want. I than cut a piece of sheet to fit and dip it in white glue, drape it over the wings the way I like. I try and consider the way the wind would catch them for the billowing part. I than let it hang in that position to dry. ( I learned this from “Dan the Monster Man” he’s another cloth paper mache artist on the net.)
        Here is a pic. before the clothe …..

        • And here is a pic. just after the cloth drys, I touch everything up on the uncovered side with small pieces of cloth and let that dry. (I just learned ( from Dan) to do this because I didn’t like the look of any gaps between clothe and armature. You can see the difference on the finished one..which I am in the process of painting and will post soon 🙂

  2. Hello! I’m new to this group.
    You all are inspirational.
    Many of my started projects have just been sitting waiting for me.
    I’m a writer of sorts…. I take my paper mache models to book signings. They do grab attention.
    The photo included here is of my unfinished projects (obviously). Some of the finished projects are in my website.

  3. New ones, none have been sprayed yet so they look matte. but these are ones that are completed. I’m still working on the angel, reallly scared on how to do the face and hands. But I did manage to at least get her bulked up enough that she looks like a child, which I am happy with.

    if you can figure these out, then I will be impressed. one is a give away. 🙂

  4. Hi Jonni,Iwould like to say happy holidays to everyone.I’m very happy to say that after 3 months I discovered this site, I have the joy to tell you how much I enjoyed reading and learning about paper mache as I had no idea of what this was about.I’ve been reading everything since October,seen everyones work ,learned all about your paper mache clay.It was difficult to find the Joint compound,but finally was lucky and found it.In November I started my first try thinking “we are going to laugh” .I have an old black and white photograph of 1965 wich was my theme.It is a pose, of my two older brothers,me and my twin sister.I ‘ve been working every night for two, three hours every time,after Icame back from my work( I’m a Dental technician)I used wire armature to make the shape of the bodys and then started built the clay.Difficult, as I don’t know about anatomy or to give the expression I should.Anyway I didn’t feel shy to try and did it.Ihave to say I’m sorry to the friends who have studied Art,because they are going to see anatomy and expression mistakes.Iwould also like to say that all this try, touched my soul ,as it made me think every night while I was working ,about the relation with my brothers and my sister on the years of naivety.Thank you ,very very much Jonni,for I found your site , for your generosity to give all the information, for your so calm voise on the videos ,you’re an angel.Idon’t know if I’ll manage it to send the photo,in case I can not ,yesterday I made a face book profile….Prokopi’s paper mache craft…Thank you Jonni,THANK YOU , THANK YOU!

    • Prokopi, welcome to Jonni’s site. Your sculpture is wonderful!!!!!!!!
      You have nothing to apologize for in face or form – they’re great!
      And, what a nice tribute to your family.
      Have you shared this photo with your siblings? What was their reaction?
      Bet they wish you could clone it and give each of them a copy.
      Can you tell us what size this is? Just so we can better appreciate your effort.
      So glad you’ve found this pmc community Jonni started.

      • Hi Terry,Hi Ginnie,Thank you very much both.The box they are sitting on is 22x5x4 cm, the boys at the back 16cm high and 5 cm from shoulder to shoulder(1 inch=2.54 centimetres)Unortunately my oldest brother(the one behind with the red hair),passed away last year he was 59 y o.I was too late.To be honest,he was my inspiration as I’m thinking of him every single day many times so I got that photograph from my mother’s house and made a bigger copy to work.The other two were very surprised with that as much as I was.Thank you for the warm welcoming! 🙂

  5. And I’m posting this in progress one because I worked a little but differently on this one than I have before. I used Jonni’s method of making a cardboard pattern that would define the head and torso from the side but I also made attachments that would define the head and torso from the front and back. This is of course one way of working with a humanoid like figure. It worked out well because the styrofoam blocks were glued to this attachment as well as the pattern in the center and held on much more strongly. If you want to see more pictures of the process, make sure to visit and like my facebook page.

  6. Hi evereyone,

    So I finally got a little bit of extra cash and was able to buy some more materials to make some new paper mache sculptures and finish up the ones I haven’t finished. Here’s a new one I’m working on.

  7. Hi all Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays if Christmas isn’t your thing…. and stuff,

    I sorry I haven’t posted this sooner… I have been busy baking for my annual Christmas feast… I have finally gotten the mask to the point where it’s time to plaster it… but it being the holiday season… I’m the one getting plaster with all the friends dropping by for holiday cheer and Christmas goodies.

    Here is another image showing a bad undercut that I had to fix on the mold… there are more pics in detail on my flickr page please just click on my name if you want to read about it… (Jonni I miss the old format of your blog when we could click on the image and blow it up. I feel like such a heel saying come to my flickr page… haha!)

    Jonni has invited me to post a full collection of images as a guest blogger or I guess it would be in the artist spotlight section… which I will do once I have a complete collection to share…

    I could really use your help everyone… I am writing about Negative mold making for the first time and don’t know how to word it so that it’s clear to people viewing my images… Please feel free to comment and ask me question or give me some hints on what you as a learner need to see in photographs that would be helpful to you as a learner.

    Take Care
    (here is my email address (dogulaswitt@hotmail.ca) if your shy or want to ask me questions in person)

    • I am so in love with this face..I wish I could do as good with my angel that I haven’t even attempted to do the face yet cause I scared to death of getting it wrong…(yes say that in one breath) 🙂

    • Hi Douglas. I’m not sure if you got my email – I just wanted to say once again that we would all love to see a guest post showing your methods. By the way, I just got an email from one of my YouTube visitors, asking about traditional Italian mask-making methods, from 500 years ago. Do you know anything about those traditions, or where one could get instructions?

  8. Dear Jonni,Thanks for sharing your magical clay even I could not get what exactly joint compound in Turkey but I am experimenting all kind of compounds used for home interior building materials like plaster of paris =) Here is one of my first trial mostly done with strip method and additions like base with clay of your recipe and the cover part done with decoupaqe method. I hope you will like it as soon as I will find right ingredient as compound I guess ? will be better in details, I will also add my cat, my horse puppet and the big academic guy puppet also a fortune teller wife and her husband as the ud player ( turkish folk music instrument) =) thanks for your comments .

    • Hi Egemen. Thanks for showing us your latest sculptures. I know it’s sometimes hard to find all the ingredients. You might like to try Carmelina’s recipe, which uses items that might be easier for you to find in Turkey. I haven’t tried it myself, but she says it works just fine.

      • Jonni thanks for your advice I am checking the recipe you told, and thanks for encouraging. I have a very confusing period in my life such as a cancer patient mother with metasthesis and a probable divorce of my own, not to get mad I had given myself to work on paper mache and puppets which were always attracted me. And your recipe gives me joy to work with. Thanks for your comment which made me smile.

        • I’m glad your creative projects are helping you through such troubled times. Sometimes we do need something to focus on, to keep our spirits up.

  9. Hey everyone… HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

    Just thought I would post this image of the plaster cast mold making process… a few of you requested I do so how too photo essay on the subject…

    Jonni please email if this is something you want to feature as an artist spotlight (douglaswitt@hotmail.ca) I say that humbly… I hope it doesn’t make me sound like a narcissist… you where one of the people whom expressed an interested in having me show this.

    These images are happening real time, as in I am taking a break right now before I work on it some more. So you may want to wait until I have full set of images to post.

    I am also posting my flickr link here if you’re ok with that Jonni… for those who would like to see what I am working on in more detail. You are also welcome to download most of the images for your own reference. As always I’m an open sharing artist so please ask question… I need the practice writing about mask making.



  10. I am really happy to see that you all like my picture. I have many more and i would like to share them. Unfortunately, in the last few months i was not able to make anything new so here is one of my first pictures. I hope you like it.

  11. Hi,
    I am new at this website and i am very happy that i found it. I am also working with paper clay but in a different way. I use plywood as background for my sculptures so that they look more like pictures. This way i can save room in my apartment and it takes less time to make them (i’ m always in hurry). However, i think that your tutorials are going to inspire me to do more sculptures. Here is one of my pictures.

    • Wow I really love this! Believe it or not the amazing water is my favorite part. I do love the whole thing though. The texture and paint job are gorgeous:) I would absolutely love to see more of your stuff!!

  12. Last Christmas my girlfriend saw an odd chocolate creation in Las Vegas. This year she wanted to have something similar and asked me to make it. Paper mache is not my medium but the materials I wanted to use were too expensive for the size of the project. Jonni to the rescue! I found her videos on Youtube and thought I could do this. It had its challenges and I did have to adapt some of the recipes for clay and gesso. But overall, it was a fun project and I think I’ll continue working in paper mache. Thanks Jonni!

  13. you are just amazing Jonni. I use your recipe on my Cosplay weapons and props. If you are interested in seeing what i make with your amazing recipe its here at http://www.facebook.com/silverstarcosplayuk. thanks so much for these amazing videos and book, which i have too. you have given me amazing inspiration and a way to make cosplay items easily and relatively inexpensively. Im still new to this and not a great sculptor but im learning with ever video you do.

  14. This is my last job.An Angel singing, made the structure of wire, hands and head with paper mache. This dress with fabric and its wings are made of wire netting.

  15. Jonni, I found your paper mache recipe online, and used it to make the heads and hands for a 12 foot tall nativity scene in my front yard (in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.)
    I made a website of the installation http://www.nativityon91st.com, which shares the details of how it was constructed. It was an awesome recipe and I’ll never go back to making paper mache the old way again! Thanks again, Jonni!

      • No problems at all in the snow, but I panted them with two coats of outdoor paint, followed by boat varnish. Our bigger challenge is the cold – it can get up to minus 40 in the winter – but we havn’t had any issues so far.

        • Some people have good luck using deck or concrete sealer on their paper mache sculptures, and then adding Spar varnish over the paint. Most of the people who use this method seem to be using their sculptures for temporary holiday displays. Paper mache probably isn’t the best material for any outdoor sculpture that you want to keep outside for a long time.

          • My Grandmother use to build papier mache water fountains that lasted for years! I lived a long way away and was raising my family, so didn’t think to find out what she used to coat them, but I think it was boat or spar varnish.

            • Paper mache fountains? Wow – I’ve never heard of anyone doing anything quite that brave. I don’t suppose you have a photo of one of them that you could show us?

            • I’ll look through my old albums to see if I can find a picture. They were pretty nice looking. It may take awhile, though, I’m still making Xmas presents out of paper mache! 🙂

            • Thanks Jonni – I’m making a little coat rack for my great-granddaughters. When it is finished I’ll send a picture. I used pm clay, but I didn’t sand much – I kind of liked the rough texture.

          • Do they paint after using the deck or concrete sealer?

            I assume it probably depends on where you live how durable paper mache is. In Florida, I have to worry more about mold or mildew…but I’m fortunate that things dry really fast. Usually within a few hours or at least by the next day, the sculpture is dry.

            As for outside sculptures, we have a lot of rain–which could present a problem. It might be an interesting experiment.

            • Yes, I think they let the pm dry, then use the deck or concrete sealer, then paint, then add varnish. If you try it, please let us know if your sculptures hold up in the rain.

  16. okay finished the angry bird ornaments that people wanted and here they are. Now to work on the baby more.

    I didn’t show the progress of these cause they were simple, just a ball of newspaper, a triangle for the beaks and the clay for the two thingys on their heads. Then I added some real feathers for their back sides. WALLLA, angry birds oh and one pig with glasses made out of wire. 🙂

      • yes he is, they are all green. 🙂 but this one some one said that he doesn’t show up for a while, not sure which level he is in. And the blue bird splits into three, that’s why there are three extras under him, to represent that. You should see the rest of the stuff I made in between waiting for these to dry.

        and I lucked out, my furniture store up the road, had LARGE boxes that I got to take as many as I wanted and can go back to get more if I want and these really long 9 foot tubes that are a 1/4 inch thick, not sure what I’ll do with those, but I got 4 of them. 🙂 so I making out like a bandit right now and I will be able to make the elephant!

    • Oh, man, I just have the urge to take them and throw them! Death to the green pig! I don’t know why we want to kill him necessarily…but it is fun trying to figure out how, at least until I can’t figure out and quit in disgust.


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