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Paper Mache Chihuahua
  • Tell us about the project you’re working on, even if it isn’t finished yet.
  • Ask for advice if you need it.
  • Help other readers find answers to their own questions about paper mache.
  • Show off your projects when they’re done so we can see how they came out. We love to see what other paper mache artists are doing.
  • And tell us a bit about yourself. We’re glad you’re here. Welcome!

Get a fast start on your next paper mache project or hand-made gift with Jonni’s easy downloadable patterns for masks, animal sculptures and faux trophy mounts. The patterns help you create a beautiful work of art, even if you’ve never sculpted anything before.

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  1. My first attempt playing with the paper mache clay. This is a sculpture of one of my husbands English Setter dogs. I love working with this clay and look forward to creating more.

    Thanks Jonni for a great site!

      • Hi Jonni, it is my attempt at creating a bronze look. The bronze color paint I saw in the stores looked too much like copper so I used a metallic brown and then rubbed some black over the top to get into the crevices. I’m so glad you like it. Now I need to work bigger, this is only 9.5″ x 9.5″.

        Have you ever used spray paint on your sculptures? Antique Bronze in spray paint is a nice color but I wasn’t sure if spray paint was appropriate.

        • I haven’t used spray paint, except for some primer that I used under the bronze and iron coating on my dodo’s feet. I can’t imagine why spray paint wouldn’t be appropriate – whatever works, is what I say. πŸ˜‰

      • Hi Debra, this dog is REALLY beautiful! How long did you need to finish it? And how did you make it? How big is it?

        I’d like to make my Australian Shepherd in life size ;-). Now I found a cardboard which is big enough for her whole body length along with her head. And I want to make an Arabian Horse head in life size. We’ll see…. πŸ™‚

        • Hi Irini, thank you for such a lovely comment on my dog. I would say he took approximately (if I worked on it consistantly) a week +. I really didn’t pay much attention to time because it was my first attempt at creating a sculpture in paper mache and I was just enjoying the process. I did a short photo documentation of how I created him on my art blog if you would like to see it go to debracooper.blogspot.com

          Good luck with your life size sculpture, it would be great to see and know how you accomplished it!

  2. Jose and Marilyn your work looks great!

    While taping the eyes and blow hole in place on the dolphin the tape quite reminded me of dolphin skin so I decided to take the risk and cover it up in it completely since I had plenty of it available.

    Gonna see if I can use sanding paper to create shading and such and maybe use some shoepolish for detailing… will have to experiment to see what works. First going to give it a few days to get used to it and see if this really is how I want to continue.

    In the meantime I can start working on my next project, the jaguar cub in tree which I probably will make with the same material I used for the elephant.

  3. I finished covering up my armature with the paper mache clay. Now onto sanding and adding some homemade gesso.

  4. Hi
    We are having a big winter storm in Atlantic Canada, which gave me lots of time for the moose. I know he is copyright protected and he will never leave my house, I just add to make him. I now need to make your gesso and paint him. I’ll try and post that picture when he is finished. Once again thank you for all your information and video talks.
    Sincerely Marilyn

  5. Tammy the detail on your rat is impressive!

    I’ve been working on getting a ring in the dolphin’s fin to hang it from the ceiling so I can be sure it will hold before I start on the top layer. I braided a see through plastic cord from a sturdy mattress bag to hang it on. So far so good, it’s hanging/swimming and hasn’t come down yet… I also uploaded a little video and more process pictures to my facebook page (click my name). It shows what my niece will see when she lies in her bed and the dolphin ‘swims’ overhead. It sure got me stoked :p Lot’s of detailing still to do but it already gave me plenty of new ideas to work on for more hang from ceiling projects πŸ˜€ (flying elephant, underwater bathroom, birds… etc etc)

  6. Ok ….so I have made another “Rat Fink” for my hubby. This one is the smallest sculpt I have made so far. I had a rough time with the details on such a small scale but I learned a lot and discovered a few tricks. He is about as tall as 2 stacked pop cans (with his little base stand) and just a little wider than 1 can. Please let me know what you think πŸ™‚ Good or bad.

    • I also have been repainting a sea horse I did for my mom. I am almost done. He is about 2.5 to 3 feet tall. It is funny I was originally going to make an Egyptian cat and had the body of the cat cut out and waiting for news paper. I walked by it and all I could see was a sea horse shape…lol you know how the artists mind work ..actually I don’t think we do…lol. Any ways here is what he looked like before I began to paint.

    • That Rat fink is deliciously scary. I love the detailing on the piece and the colors. You did a good job of bringing out the feel of the piece. this is a nice piece of scary art.

      • Thank you to everyone who has commented on my “Rat fink” and “Sea Horse”. I love feed back. It really helps when learning πŸ™‚ Here is the finished Sea Horse.

        • Tammy, much better, as long as you do not see the background and have it compete with your foreground. In this photo of this gorgeous sea horse, my eye goes to the sea horse and I can really appreciate the details of the sculpture. If you do have a black cloth, you can put it behind the chair. What the black cloth does is absorb the light and cuts down on reflections. White cloth makes the light bandwidth bigger and diffuses the light. the nice thing about digital cameras is you can experiment to your heart’s content and worry about getting stuck with so many photos. That is why my mantra is “experiment, experiment, experiment.” You did a good job on this photo.

          • I was going to say not worry about getting stuck with so many photos. When I got my first digital camera, I lost count of the millions of deletes I made. But, I learned a lot about lighting and backgrounds.

  7. Hello, I’m the marketing director for a greyhound rescue in New Hampshire. I came up with the idea to make paper mache greyhounds for each of our senior and special needs greys to raise money and spread the word that they are still looking for homes. The auction is on Facebook and runs until February 10. You can check out all of the greyhounds and the auction here http://www.facebook.com/events/521581987863856/. We’re going to do another one for April which is Adopt a Greyhound Month so I will soon be sculpting every day again and will post pics. Nice to meet all of you, your work is amazing!

    • I went to see the facebook page and your papier mache greyhounds are beautiful! I hope they all sell! Please keep us posted on your ongoing work!

  8. Hi I’m not hardcore, or hoping to make something new each week (although that would be grand) – in fact it took me a week to finish this mask (so little free time!) – I just wanted to say thank you to Jonni for answering my question about shop towel! πŸ™‚ I really loved making this mask & I am sure it won’t be my last. Hopefully the image I attached will show in the post body – if not here is a link:


  9. Hi all,

    It was a long January for me, but a productive one. Yesterday (Feb 3, 2013) I had the pressure of hosting a mask painting party for people who bought a masks for an upcoming ValentineÒ€ℒs day masquerade soul music concert… the grand total number of masks made was 70!
    Wow and yay! I made the deadline and I had all the masks ready with a primer coat of paint for the public to come and work on painting there mask.

    The members of Ò€œThe Committed” Band and I spent the day painting masks with their fans. It was so exciting to see this stage of the process, I really enjoyed interacting with the public and hanging with the band for the day, It was amazed to see all the great paint jobs on the masks and to see a large collection of my masks in one place. I will post a photo of the event so you can see the masks worn at the event.

    Now itÒ€ℒs onto the next project which is a photograph workshop IÒ€ℒm teaching to a group of gifted grade school kids at a local elementary school, then onto my next mask contract creating some masks for the Santiago State University, Producing 4 high end masks for Othello a Shakespearean playphotos to come.

    πŸ™‚ you can click on my name and see more detailed images of the “committed” bands masquerade masks.


    • Douglas, as usual, your masks are beautiful! I love the way each person had a different imagining of how theirs should look. I really love the music score one. πŸ™‚

    • Wow! Just from this photo you can see the creativity that went to painting the masks. I bet everybody had boatloads of fun. I would have loved to be there.

  10. I spent the day pulling down old plaster and replacing it with sheet rock. I hope you all had more fun than I did. This is really a quick note to announce that my family now has one more blogger – my nephew, Tucker, just started a blog (he’s calling it “Adventures Of Baby Darkness – The in’s and out’s of indecision and whiskey.”) He’s a great writer, and I hope he keeps it up. If you just happen to have a few extra minutes, be sure to go check out his new blog, and say hi. (You can tell him Aunt Jonni sent you πŸ˜‰ )

  11. We are currently working on an “angel in flight” sculpture. The inner core is made out of modified Jonni clay and the outer creative paperclay. I plan on making the feathers out of cloth dipped in elmer’s glue ( I got the idea from Dan the Monster Man). However, we are trying to think of other technique for the wings.

  12. Love your birds Joan!

    And the tiger turned out really nice Tammy!

    Thanks for helping us on the photo quality Christine, I’m a really crummy photographer too and still don’t know how to work the camera so it focuses on the right object :p

    Working on the Dolphin. Tried to shape up it’s head a bit more. Added some cheek and more lower jaw and cut of some part of the baseplan to make a more natural looking upper snout. It’s smile is slowly getting there πŸ˜€ Still needs a lot of work.

    • Soul, she/he is looking so sweet. I think you are deffinitly capturing that peiceful loving smile dolphins have.
      Now talking about photo’s what size are you making yours and what are you using to put them all in one picture????

      • Thanks Tammy. The ones I use on here are just downloads from facebook so the size won’t be too big. And the ones with more pictures in one are screenshots from the album. It’s not the photo size that is the problem, more the handling of the camera probably :p Some are ok but at many of them the camera focus seems to go to another detail in the background…

      • In my photos I am using Print Shop pro 2 and using the brochure template. I just add photos to the page and save it as a Jpg. file. If you have word by Microsoft or other desktop publishing programs that gives you the capability to make a page of several photos together. Print Shop has also a less expensive version that will allow you to do the same thing with the Pro version. I make my photos about 75 resolution which gives about 158 kb. I find that file size does not give me fits on this site to post.

      • Thanks Christine, for me it is more the photo making itself that is troubling me. I’ll get there though, I just make lots and pick the best :p I’m sure that I’ll learn more along the way about what does and doesn’t work…

        Thanks Terry, I enjoy seeing things shape up πŸ˜€

        Did some more work on the head and a bit on the arch of the back. Bit by bit shaping up. Always looking forward to the moment the newspaper print can go. Thinking of covering it in paper towel in between to get a less cluttered view on the shape.

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