The Mighty Ant

Made by Jon Keller

To make my mighty ant I had to make an ant and I had to make a leaf. I looked at several images of ants to get a good idea of how they actually look close up. I sketched out a simplified ant and used my sketch for a reference . The armature was made with wire . The paper mache was mad with used printer paper. Initially I had painted him red , but ultimately I decided to go with a black ant .

The leaf was made with brown paper bag paper mache . I rolled out a thin sheet of paper mache onto wax paper. When it was dry enough to handle ( but not yet fully dry ) I cut out the leaf shape and gave it the surface texture to suggest a leaf.

I took a walk in the park to find a nice chunk of wood for the base.

Both the ant and the leaf were painted with acrylic paint and varnished with polyurethane .
before assembling everything onto the base.

Paper mache ant by Jon Keller

2 thoughts on “The Mighty Ant”

  1. Very cool, and thanks for describing your process. I just found a cool piece of wood on a bike ride, and my friends mocked me for carrying it home, but it has “sculpture base” written all over it.

    • Thank you for your comments…..
      Yep, there is an abundant supply of great sculpture materials ( for free ) just outside your door. My Eagle is also on a piece of wood I found in the park . When I do a sculpting project I find it interesting that is costs so little for the materials… much can be harvested from daily life. Someow I find that to be very satisfying.


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