The Boobies Got Blue Feet!

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The blue-footed boobies finally got their blue feet!

The weather (and the garden) slowed down this project, but now it’s almost done – but not quite. The two boobies still need a base, and I’ll make them one right after I do a little more digging.

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9 thoughts on “The Boobies Got Blue Feet!”

  1. Well Jonni, I finally tried your method for attaching legs and feet on a bird by making slings. It didn’t work at first so I took it apart 2 times and now my bird is actually balanced and standing by itself. Thank you for showing how to do bird legs. I was using aluminum tubing and polymer clay for feet, also using chicken wire for the body. I made a cardboard pattern and filled in with newspaper this time. So you allowed my old mind to work in a different way. Thanks for all you do. I’ll take a pic of my final bird and post. Haven’t done that in a while.

  2. The Blue-Footed Boobies are a true work of art. They look just like the real thing and of course your work is superb! They have personality and make me smile. Great job as always!

    • Thanks, Pat. This has been a fun project. When I started it, I thought it would be all about the blue feet. But now that I’ve lived with them for awhile, it’s their postures and faces that I’m most drawn to. And I had an opportunity to learn a lot about these strange birds, which is always fun. 🙂


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