T-Rex Mask Pattern

T-Rex Mask Pattern

For Paper Mache


T-Rex Mask Pattern

Be the King of the Dinosaurs at your next fancy dress party, Mardi Gras, or Halloween.

No sculpting or paper mache experience needed, because the downloadable PDF pattern makes all the shapes for you.

Anyone who loves dinosaurs will love wearing this mask, and after the party, it’s sure to find a permanent home in someone’s bedroom.

How to use the T-Rex Mask pattern:

T-Rex Mask Pattern
Print the pattern pieces, glue them to cereal box cardboard and cut them out.
T-Rex Mask Pattern
Tape the pieces together, as shown in the instructions that come with the pattern.
T-Rex Mask Pattern
Add foam balls for eyes, foil bumps and ridges, and paper mache.
Painting the t-rex eye
Paint your T-Rex any color you like.

Watch the videos below to see how the pattern pieces are taped together, how to reinforce the jaw with foil to make it stronger, and how to choose which pattern pieces to use for the teeth. You can add some crumpled foil for realistic bumps and ridges, and then paint your T-Rex in your favorite colors.

Finished size: About 10 inches (25.4 cm) wide, 9.75 inches (24.9 cm) high and 15.5 inches (39.2 cm) deep.

This mask is deliberately oversized, so it will not fit tight against your head. It will balance on your head with cords tied under your chin.

My downloadable PDF Patterns come with full instructions.

There’s no waiting for your pattern to arrive, and no shipping costs, so you can start on your project right away.

Click here if you’d like to know more about how the patterns are delivered. (If you’ll be saving your pattern to and iPhone or iPad, they do tend to hide your files. You can scroll down this page to see how to find them.)

And remember – if you have any problems downloading your files or putting your pattern together, just let me know. I’m always happy to help.  😀

T-Rex mask pattern after the pieces have been taped together, and before a layer of paper mache is added.
T-Rex mask pattern after the pieces have been taped together, and before a layer of paper mache is added.
Oversized T-Rex mask
Oversized T-Rex mask - you see out through the mouth and nostrils.
T-Rex Mask Pattern
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Video Instructions for Making Your T-Rex Mask:

Putting the pattern pieces together:

Adding details, paper mache and paint:

To make this mask of Tyrannosaurus rex you will need:

  • The downloaded PDF pattern
  • Access to a printer
  • Copy paper (or full-sheet labels, preferred)
  • Glue stick if using copy paper for your pattern
  • Cardboard from 5 standard-sized cereal boxes, or 9 pieces of “light chipboard” that you can purchase online. Make sure it’s the Light version of chipboard – medium and heavy chipboard are too stiff to bend well.
  • Sharp scissors for cutting cereal box cardboard
  • Clear plastic tape and masking tape. Note: Don’t use disappearing gift wrap tape – it isn’t strong enough.
  • Aluminum foil
  • Glue gun
  • 1” (2.54 cm) foam ball for the eyes
  • Paper strips and paste (find recipes here). I used lightweight brown paper with Titebond III Wood Glue.
  • Hole punch, drill or sharp knife to make holes for the cord that will tie under your chin.
  • Acrylic paint, any colors you choose, and clear spray or artists’ varnish
T-Rex Mask Pattern
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When you finish your T-Rex mask…

We would really love to see how it comes out. Please visit the Daily Sculptors page and upload some photos..

Some of the masks that have been made with this pattern…

Do you have a question or need help with your pattern?

If you have a question about putting your pattern together or painting it, leave a comment below or on the Daily Sculptors page. I read all comments and answer them as soon as I can, usually within a few hours. Some of my readers might ideas for you, too — we have a very supportive community on this site.

T-Rex Mask Pattern

13 thoughts on “T-Rex Mask Pattern”

  1. Could I just order the pattern for T-Rex directly from you. I’m unable to download it and print it off myself. Please inform. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Sharon. I’m going to do something much smaller and more cheerful, I think. I just ordered some feathers – I’m thinking about making a few masquerade masks based on the shapes and colors of birds. I’ve never done anything with feathers before, so I don’t know if it will work – wish me luck. :)

  2. Jonni,
    You are so talented!! I found your website when looking for paper mache ideas to use in making props for Seussical the Musical this fall. I learned so much—and love that we’re age contemporaries! Someday I’ll post on the Sculptors Page—just not today!

  3. WoW! Do not want to meet her on a dark night! You did a great job! Love the internet. Wish I had the time now to do
    some of this stuff, but unfortunately, I don’t for now. I love to decorate for Halloween and Christmas, so maybe in future. I save your stuff for future reference!

    • Thanks Candee – and I agree, something that big would be pretty scary. But when I saw the latest Jurassic Park movie, it disturbed me that the dinos were always in a murderous mood. They didn’t sleep in the sun for hours, like lions, or play around like wolves. And now that they think T-Rex had lips, their teeth wouldn’t be showing all the time. I think they get a bad rap. :)
      If you do make one someday, be sure to come back and show us how it turns out. We’d love to see it.


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