Ram Headdress Mask Pattern

Ram Headdress Mask Pattern

This template for a ram headdress mask is easy to put together, and it can be painted to match the colors and patterns of any breed of sheep. It will be striking when seen on stage in a play.

New Jaguar Pattern for a Mask or Wall Sculpture

New Jaguar Mask Pattern

This new jaguar mask pattern can be used in a play as a headdress mask, or you can display it as a wall sculpture. The pieces go together fast, and it’s really fun to paint all those spots. 🙂

New Zebra Headdress Mask Pattern for Paper Mache

Zebra Headdress Theater Mask Pattern for Paper Mache

Get ready to be noticed when you wear this Zebra headdress mask! Those bold black and white stripes are sure to make you stand out in the crowd. And it’s easy to make with my pattern, some cereal box cardboard, paper mache and paint.

T-Rex, Dragon and Unicorn Mask Pattern Set

T-Rex, Unicorn and Dragon Mask Pattern Set

Save $10 and purchase these three popular mask patterns as a set – the downloadable PDF collection includes the T-Rex mask pattern, the Unicorn mask pattern, and the Dragon mask pattern.

Easy Pattern for a Clownfish Mask

New Clownfish Mask Pattern for Paper Mache

This new downloadable pattern creates all the shapes for a clownfish mask. The pieces go together quickly, and there’s only three colors so it’s easy to paint.

Pitbull Mask Pattern for Paper Mache

Pitbull mask template for paper mache

This new pitbull mask pattern has large pieces, so it goes together fast. Add one layer of paper mache, and paint it to match your own favorite bully dog.

Bunny Mask Pattern for Paper Mache

Bunny mask pattern for paper mache

Use this pattern to make a White Rabbit mask, or any color bunny that you like. It’s oversized, but can be customized to fit any size head.

Ogre Mask Pattern

Ogre mask pattern for paper mache.

Bring out your wild side with this Ogre mask at your next fancy-dress party. Or wear it for Halloween.

More Fan Favorites

More Fan Favorites Sculpture Pattern Set

Another Fan Favorites pattern set! This one includes the wolf and lion masks, the giraffe, and the life-sized standing baby Indian elephant.

Make a Bongo Antelope Wall Sculpture

Create a Bongo Antelope wall sculpture with this PDF pattern

This Bongo Antelope wall sculpture isn’t difficult to make, but it will take some time. After you have it all taped together, just add a layer of paper strips and paste or paper mache clay, and bring it to life with acrylic paint.

T-Rex Mask

T-Rex mask pattern for paper mache

Make a T-Rex with this mask pattern for cardboard and paper mache – and turn yourself into your favorite dinosaur.

New Unicorn Mask Pattern

New Unicorn Mask Pattern

This new unicorn mask pattern is easy to put together. Once the paper mache is added, you can paint it any way you like, and add a beautiful mane with yarn or ribbon.

Dragon Head Pattern

dragon head pattern for paper mache

This dragon head pattern will take some time to put together, but after you add your creative touches, like horns, spikes, and teeth, it will be a real eye-catching addition to any room.

Make a Paper Mache Moose

Make a paper mache moose wall sculptuire

Make a paper mache moose head for your wall. This sculpture is easy to make with the pattern, cardboard, paper mache and paint.

Hippo Pattern

Hippo wall sculpture pattern for paper mache

This Hippo wall sculpture is easy to make with the pattern, cardboard, and paper mache.

Horse Pattern

Horse sculpture pattern for paper mache

Make a paper mache horse head sculpture with this easy pattern.