T-Rex Mask

T-Rex mask pattern for paper mache

Make a T-Rex with this mask pattern for cardboard and paper mache – and turn yourself into your favorite dinosaur.

New Unicorn Mask Pattern

New Unicorn Mask Pattern

This new unicorn mask pattern is easy to put together. Once the paper mache is added, you can paint it any way you like, and add a beautiful mane with yarn or ribbon.

Dragon Head Pattern

dragon head pattern for paper mache

Previous Next Dragon Head Pattern $12 Make this Dragon Head sculpture for your home, or for a very special gift. No sculpting experience required – … Read more

Pumbaa Headdress Mask Pattern

Pumbaa headdress mask pattern featured

This Pumbaa headdress mask pattern is easy to make with cereal box cardboard, foil, paper mache and paint. The instructions include lots of photos.

African Animals Pattern Set

African animal pattern set

These popular patterns help you create a giraffe, a lion and a baby elephant. Just cut out the patterns, tape them together, add paper mache and paint.

Selfie-Monkey Mask Pattern

Make your own selfie-monkey mask with this easy pattern. It’s weird, just like the real selfie-monkey. You just need a few cereal boxes, paper mache, and acrylic paint to make a mask of the famous crested macaque.

Paper Mache Cat Mask Pattern

paper mache cat mask pattern

This pattern for a paper mache cat mask will help you create a wearable mask, or use it as a wall sculpture. Customize it to match your own favorite kitty.

Paper Mache Lion Mask Pattern

Lion mask pattern

This DIY lion mask has a mane made with a cheap raffia table skirt, and it looks fantastic. Watch the videos to see how to use the lion mask pattern.

Wolf Mask Pattern

wolf mask pattern

This wolf mask pattern helps you create a wearable mask for a party, or a realistic wolf sculpture that you can proudly display on your wall. Instructions included.