Malvern Retreat House Art Show

Posted by Jonni

Our friend Eileen recently showed us her fox, and she told us it will be in this art show. If you happen to be anywhere near the area during the show, be sure to drop by and say ‘hi’ to her. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Malvern Retreat House Art Show”

  1. Cool! I was thinking about applying to the show myself, but I’m in a process of shifting the theme of my work, so it just wasn’t suitable for me this year.

    It is a really nice show – I’m definitely planning to visit and looking forward to seeing Eileen’s display! How cool to be able to meet one of our Ultimate Paper Mache friends!

    I couldn’t see any image with this post…so if anyone is interested in the show, here is the link to info about it:

    Very excellent, Eileen! I hope you are there when I visit so I can say hi in person!!

    • So cool! There is actually someone from the area that knows the show! When do you plan on being there? I will be there for the artist meet and greet and also Wednesday AM. I could come another time as well. I would love to meet you!

      • Oh – awesome!
        I’ll pass on the meet and greet – still avoiding crowds!
        I’ll plan to come on Wednesday morning then. It opens at 10, so I’ll plan to get there between 10 and 11. It would be so cool to meet an Ultimate Paper Mache friend!!

  2. Thanks for posting this Jonni! Of course I would love to meet any of your faithful followers. The location is written is very small print so let me make it clearer. It is in Malvern PA which is a suburb of Philadelphia. The free wine and cheese party to meet the artists is a lot of fun.


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