Tree’s are not extinct…! ???

Made by Carol Brown

Jonni, this was such a fun project. Can’t wait for my grandson to see this, he claimed it as soon as he saw the pattern. ? I’m not sure I’m happy with his eyes but I will walk away for a bit. The painting was done with a dry sea sponge, the teeth I left “dirty”…

2 thoughts on “Tree’s are not extinct…! ???”

  1. Thank you, Jonni! My Abel was expecting delivery today but we both decided that I would redo the eyes. He liked pictures I showed him of a T-Rex eye that I found online. Hope to get it done soon.

  2. Carol, your grandson is going to love it. The eye that we can see is mesmerizing, in a carnivorous sort of way – perfect for a T-Rex mask. Have you sent him a photo, or are you making him wait until he comes to visit to see his new dino?


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