Ladybug on a Leaf

Made by Jon Keller

Using rigid cardboard I made a “platform” in the shape and contour of a leaf. Then , using a roller , I rolled out a very thin sheet of paper mache . I placed the paper mache on the “platform ” so that it could dry with the contours it needed to look like a leaf. The veins were put on with dimensional paint . Once dry I painted the leaf with acrylic paint . The ladybug is made with paper mache ….sewing pins were used for the antennae . Nail polish for the ladybug paint job.

2 thoughts on “Ladybug on a Leaf”

  1. I have never used dimensional paint but I think I should. Your leaf is wonderful, as is the ladybug. You are prolific and everything you produce is amazing. Congrats!

  2. I love your sculpture. I’ve tried leaves, and never had any success, but yours looks fantastic. Love the bug. Thanks.


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