Easy Pattern for a Paper Mache Baby Panda


This playful paper mache panda is adorable – and you can proudly say “I made it myself!”

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This is a downloadable PDF Pattern with full instructions, so there’s no waiting and no shipping costs. You can start on your project right away. Be sure to download your pattern directly to your computer or device, so you can access it again later.

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This easy pattern for a paper mache panda has been used by hundreds of people of all ages.

If you’ve never used a pattern to create a sculpture before, this is a good one to start with. After you cut out your pattern on cardboard, you fill out the rounded shapes with crumpled paper and masking tape. Then add a few layers of paper strips and paste, and paint.

The 10-page PDF has the printable pattern and complete instructions for putting your baby panda together.

Note: Although this panda would be cute in a baby’s room, the acrylic paint and the joint compound on his fur are not edible. Use child-safe art supplies if you want to put the sculpture in a baby’s room.

How to make your baby panda:

I made the following video a long time ago, before I started charging for patterns to support the costs of this website. I mention the word ‘free’ a couple of times. Just ignore those parts, and watch the video. You’ll see all the steps needed to put your baby panda together and cover him with paper mache.

To make this paper mache sculpture you will need:

  • A printer (or copy the pattern by hand
  • Scissors
  • Recycled newspaper
  • Masking tape
  • Flour and water paste
  • A small amount of drywall joint compound (optional – I used it to get a light texture for the fur, but your panda will look just fine without it.)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Matte acrylic varnish
  • A small rubber ball or stuffed animal, for the baby panda to hold.

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  1. Your art is really cool and i like the creativity. Its not everyday you see a paper mache sculpture of some sort.
    I’m doing this for a project and I’m a beginner at all types of art. I find that building the body is extremely hard!

  2. This post has been so useful. I work in a nursery and we have an international day coming up. This panda is very good for display. Thank u so much for this guide.


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