Baby Panda Paper Mache Pattern

Playful Paper Mache Baby Panda Pattern

Who wouldn’t love to have a baby panda of their own?

This is one of the first sculpture patterns I designed, and it’s now been used by hundreds of people to make baby pandas of their own.

In fact, this is the project that proved how easy it is to make a realistic sculpture when you start with a cardboard pattern on the inside of your armature. If you’ve never used a pattern to create a sculpture before, this is a good one to start with.

After you cut out your pattern on cardboard, you fill out the rounded shapes with crumpled paper and masking tape.

The 10-page PDF has the printable pattern and complete instructions for putting your baby panda together.

Note: Although this panda would be cute in a baby’s room, the acrylic paint and the joint compound on his fur are not edible. Use child-safe art supplies if you want to put the sculpture in a baby’s room.

To make this paper mache sculpture you will need:

  • A printer (or copy the pattern by hand
  • Scissors
  • Recycled newspaper
  • Masking tape
  • Flour and water paste
  • A small amount of drywall joint compound (optional – I used it to get a light texture for the fur, but your panda will look just fine without it.)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Matte acrylic varnish
  • A small rubber ball or stuffed animal, for the baby panda to hold.

I made the following video a long time ago, before I started charging for patterns to support the costs of this website. I mention the word ‘free’ a couple of times. Just ignore those parts, and watch the video. You’ll see all the steps needed to put your baby panda together and cover him with paper mache.

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You can ask in the comment field below. I read all the comments, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Or send me an email – [email protected] – be sure to put “paper mache” in the subject line so your email won’t get accidentally deleted.

123 thoughts on “Playful Paper Mache Panda You Can Make

    • Hi Terry. The system is supposed to send an email right away with the download link. I’ll send a private message to the email address you used for this comment, so we can make sure you get your pattern.

  1. Your art is really cool and i like the creativity. Its not everyday you see a paper mache sculpture of some sort.
    I’m doing this for a project and I’m a beginner at all types of art. I find that building the body is extremely hard!

  2. This post has been so useful. I work in a nursery and we have an international day coming up. This panda is very good for display. Thank u so much for this guide.

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