Make a Paper Mache Chicken – an Easy, No-Stress Project

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This paper mache chicken is easy to make …

And you can change it any way you like – make a whole flock of hens, and each one will be different.

I chose it for today’s post because I’ve got chickens on my brain – you’ll hear why as soon as you click the “play” button. πŸ™‚

This is the first project in my book “Make Animal Sculptures with Paper Mache Clay.” I started the book with the easiest project so readers would be successful right from the start and then learn new skills with every project.

I used the experimental “no joint compound” air dry clay for this chicken, but only because I made a batch of the clay for my last video and I wanted to use it up.

However, you will probably want to use:

They will all work beautifully for this project.

If this is your first paper mache project, you might also want to read my new post “How to Make Paper Mache – the 5 Basic Steps.”

When your chicken is finished, be sure to come back and show it off on the Daily Sculptors page. We would all love to see how it turns out.

7 thoughts on “Make a Paper Mache Chicken – an Easy, No-Stress Project”

  1. Hi Jonni!
    For some strange reason, I cannot get the video tutorial to play. I will try going straight to YouTube to find it. I was wondering if Methylcellulose would be good for kids to use when making this chicken?


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