Paper mache Easter bunnies

Made by Isis Vandelannote

It has been a while since I made a new paper mache sculpture (I’m more of an amateur, making sculptures to relax). I made some bunnies, a few years ago, but I suddenly got this crazy idea that I wanted to make some dancing bunnies, that also could “hang” on a vintage street light. A bit like a romantic dancing scene from some movie. So that’s what I did. Both the street light (which actually works!) and the bunnies are made of paper mache. I have made them in a way that the bunnies can dance together, without the street light, so the street light, and the bunnies, can be used separately. I really liked the patina finish of Jonni’s ballarina bunny, but finding the products for the green patina finish in Belgium was a challenge. Eventually, I found something called Pébéo verdigris patina kit, which worked really well.
They are now part of our home decoration for Easter.

Hope you enjoy it!

Dancing Bunnies for Easter

Dancing Bunnies for Easter2

6 thoughts on “Paper mache Easter bunnies”

  1. Thanks Rex! The street light was actually fairly simple. I used a cardboard pipe, and for the base I used two round cardboard boxes. I filled the base and the pipe almost entirely with sand to hold the street light steady. Everyting was covered with about 5 layers of paper mache. I spray-painted everyting with a high-gloss metallic black paint. For the light itself we went to the hardware store, where we bought a lamp socket, and an electric wire with the plug already attached to it. The only thing we had to do was attaching the electric whire to the socket with a screw driver, and screwing a light bulb into the socket.

  2. What a great Easter decoration! You did a really nice job on the sculptures and an impressive job on the finishing. I would be proud to display them in my home! Cute touch with the street lamp that works!

  3. Isis, glad to see you back and doing such wonderful sculptures. The bunnies are great. I don’t know how you manages the street light. Great.

    • Oh, I think something went wrong with my reply, as it does not show as a direct reply to your comment. Anyway, it does show the comment on top of the page now. I have tried to explain a little more on the way I made the street light in that comment. 🙂


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