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Like Jonni, I have also been working on a version of a T.Rex. When she posted hers on YouTube, I was so excited to be having a “great minds think alike” moment, that I wanted I wanted to share. (Disclaimer: I don’t not claim to have a great mind of any kind ?)

I used Jonni’s suggestion of using a cutout of the animal’s silhouette as the base for the armature. My version was done using a cutout of “Sue’s” skull, on foamboard. Then I added flesh, as it were, by using aluminum foil. His name is, Ellis, meaning: kind, benevolent. I chose to give him a colorful look, imagining that perhaps the colors attracted females. I had a lot of fun making him.

Ellis, a T-Rex sculpture from below, with teeth showing

Ellis, a T-Rex sculpture from the side, with scales

20 thoughts on “Ellis”

  1. I hear you about using hot glue! It just doesn’t work so well in adhering glass, pebbles, and shells. I discovered that using gel medium works way better. It can take more time, but it is worth it to not have gorgeous things like those scales pop off!

    Truly a magnificent work…and he’s more handsome in person, I imagine!!

    • Thank you so much Lisa Anne!
      In person, it’s like looking at my new house pet. I’m sure that they were beautiful creatures to look at when they were in existence. I will have to remember to use gel medium in my next project. ?

    • Eileen, thank you!

      Presently, he’s in my basement studio. After he’s completed, I will try to find a permanent home for him.

  2. Hi Jonni,

    Thank you! There are nearly 2000 scales. They are mostly of clay that was shaped and hardened. I also added a few items that I needed to get rid of: small pebbles and cabachons. ? They were hot glued on and then sealed with wood glue. I’m not sure if the hot glue that I had was the best to use (Gorilla hot glue) as I found that the scales could be easily picked off. It would’ve been wiser for me to sculpt those details in, but I was trying to get rid of some materials that I just didn’t need as much as I thought I did.


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