Grandsons weird obsession…

Made by Carol Brown

My seven year old grandson is pretty obsessed with a video game called Rainbow Friends. Mind you, he doesn’t get to play the game but he is rapidly collecting the character plus he’s…they are not dolls, gramma cuz I’m a boy! ? So I had this idea to make some of the characters into a garland. It was a big hit and now his older brother wants one made with even weirder game characters. Of course I’ll do it. It will most likely be the last project and post as I’ve got a knee replacement coming up and I won’t be able to access my studio.

DIY Rainbow Friends figures pendants

DIY Rainbow Friends figures

6 thoughts on “Grandsons weird obsession…”

  1. Really cute, lucky grandson! Don’t you love making things for the grandkids? They are so appreciative and think you are a genius!
    Best of luck with your recuperation. Perhaps someone can set you up with some tin foil and masking tape and you can work on the armatures for the second garland. It might make the recovery seem shorter!

    • Oh, I’m going to have to finish that up before surgery…he texts me every day to see if it is done. Surgery is on February 3rd, I think I have time. His is spooky and not so fun for me. ? I am going to work on the Trex cutting and taping while I heal, I have to do that one. ?

  2. Hi Carol. Your little figures look like so much fun – until I looked up the game, and it doesn’t look ‘fun’ at all. I can see why boys would like it, but I’m glad your grandson doesn’t get to actually play it. He must have been overjoyed when you gave him the garland. I hope we get to see the next one you make, too – and I hope even more that you recover quickly from your knee replacement. Take care of yourself! 🙂

    • I almost hate to tell you the name of the game my ten year old wants. ? It’s a version of Roblox that is called Doors. I’m afraid here aren’t really any cute characters in it. Thank you for the well wishes.


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