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  1. I’m starting to make a venetian style mask, like the one in my sketch. I found a similar one online for 50$ and I really want to recreate it.

      • [img]http://ultimatepapermache.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/AIR_20120629_00000.jpg[/img]
        Here’s the maask bit, I’ve started the flowers and they should be complete soon. Any tips on how to keep the flowers the right shape in the oven? I’ve already had a problem with the mask getting deformations in there.

          • I’m not using a plastic form, I actually made the mask on my sisters face then when I put it in the oven I put balls of newspaper underneath the forehead and cheeks to help it hold its shape (obviously that didn’t work). My plan is to make the petals from thin cardboard and curl it so that it’s not straight out but the petals are curved back from the middle. I hope that makes sense?

            • Yes, I see – paper mache does tend to warp a bit as it dries, if it isn’t on an armature. The ones I make over a temporary Super Sculpey form don’t warp unless I take them off before they’re completely dry. The flowers look nice, by the way. Painting them is going to be fun.

            • Yeah, I think so too. My plan’s to paint it a bronze/goldy sortof color, with red highlights.

      • [img]http://ultimatepapermache.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/AIR_20120629_00001.jpg[/img]
        Here’s the flowers! The next step? The Butterfly!

      • Here’s the Butterfly by itself. I’m considering not doing the hair, I think this mask already has a lot going on without it.

      • [img]http://ultimatepapermache.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/AIR_20120703_00000.jpg[/img]
        The hairs on its way…

    • Not complete yet… Nothings actually stuck on yet. I have no clue how to make those flowers stay put.

  2. How amazing was happy to have found this page when I met you I made a point to stop and pray for you for the love of teaching people a little of your gift that surely comes from God and when I saw the kitty I have no further I have a cat kekekekkek 4 aaaaa am passionate about them and without a pedigree dog my cats are all white sculpture with paper I march mixed with sugarcane bagasse also do puppet theater, puppets, puppets foam, cloth, paper and recycled until march in order to find someone my age to exchange ideas’m sorry elforica joy KISSES iN THE MOMENT I’M MAKING A STAGE THEATER fOR OUR FAMILY WE NEED SHOWS fOR CHILDREN min
    ha gata dotou 5 oresto é dela

  3. Que incrível fiquei feliz de ter achado esta pagina, quando conheci você fiz questão de parar e orar por você pelo amor em ensinar as pessoas um pouco do seu dom que com certeza vem de DEUS e quando te vi com o gatinho mais ainda eu não tenho 1 gato kekekekkek tenho 4 sou apaixonada por eles aaaaa e 1 cachorrinha sem pedigree meus gatos são todos branco faço escultura com papel marche misturado com bagaço de cana também faço bonecos de teatro, marionetes, Puppets de espuma ,pano, papel marche e reciclados até que em fim encontrei alguém da minha idade para trocar ideias me desculpe estou elforica de alegria BEIJOS NO MOMENTO ESTOU FAZENDO UM PALCO DE TEATRO PARA NOSSA FAMÍLIA A GENTE APRESENTA PARA CRIANÇAS CARENTES

  4. I am creating an eagle using chickenwire and paper mache. I am needing to make some tail and wing feathers for detailing. I thought about using cardboard but I live in a very humid part of the US and this eagle is part of the July fourth parade so chances are high that the cardboard would curl or droop. Anyone have any other suggestions for creating 12 inch paper mache feathers?

    • Hi Lisa. I just looked up my old post showing my mamma hen. The feathers were made by applying the paper mache clay over the plastic mesh tape that’s used by drywall installers. I laid the tape over some plastic wrap, spread on the clay, and then draped the feathers over something so they would dry slightly curved. That was my very first project using my paper mache clay recipe, so I didn’t yet realize that I could have added more texture to the feathers. I also didn’t know that I could have used light cardboard instead of the plastic mesh.

      For an eagle as large as yours, you might want to use a stiff wire down the middle of each feather. The clay should dry very hard, and your feathers shouldn’t droop. Once they’re dry, they need to be sealed so they can’t absorb moisture from the air.

      After all that was said, you could get similar results using paper strips and paste, as long as the feathers are allowed to get dry, and if they’re sealed really well.

    • Lisa,

      I made a witch’s cauldron from a landscape planter that was given its cauldron shape by adding cardboard ribs then covered in duct tape. While I initially added a layer of strip mache, that was really unnecessary. I could have just used the paper clay over the tape. It is fairly solid now and I’ve banged it around a lot without damage.

      But more to the more of what you’re asking, I made two curved handles out of regular cardboard I got from some corrugated box I had laying around. I bent them by hand into an S-shape and hot-glued them to the cauldron. These were subsequently covered in paper clay (no strip mache over them). These handles have not only held their shape, but have become what I actually lift the entire cauldron up by and carry it around.

      I agree with Jonni that if you use cardboard for the feathers and cover it in paper clay, you shouldn’t have any problems with curling whatsoever. And yes, protect it with a sealer.

      I applied a coat of marine spar varnish to the paper clay when it’s dried. I then painted and stained it to give it an aged look — but it also provides another layer of protection. Once that’s dry I then coat it with two coats of deck sealer. That should give your eagle ample protection from the elements well.

      Good luck!


  5. Hi
    I think something went wrong on a post I tried to write about sawdust in paperclay
    So therefore another try!
    Can anyone help me with a recipe of saw-wood dust in papermache clay? Your experieces might come in handy for I have just got a bag full of it and want to try this
    I know Gisela has commented about this before on this site but I can’t find it anywhere so Gisela if you can share your recipe once more that would be great
    Perhaps Jonni can lead me back to earlier comments about this subject/


      • Thanks Jonni for the link !

        I do still recal a different recipe that goes back a while..
        the post about the use of sawdust powder was from someone who’s husband took the sawdusk home and he added it into the jonni 1clay….
        Possibly it was Sara but it was not the recipe you send me just now.
        I tried to find it , went back al the way to nov 2011 😉 Saw lovely stuff I did not see before from Rich and lots of other folks I do love this site!

        Anyway thanks again and I will experiment some more.
        How are you doing with your Chimp tutorial can we expect one soon 😉
        I would realy love to see you work on the project and learn and see how use the raisin and your tecnics.

        • The chimp is done, and I’ll do a post with photos in a few minutes. It was so expensive, and so complicated, that I’m not sure I’ll do a tutorial. I’m afraid that people who stumble onto the site will think my books have really complicated and expensive projects, too. I don’t want to scare anyone away…

          • I see your point..
            I left a comment on the pricing page about tackeling that problem 😉 To add one
            perhaps you can start a blog or page for advanced tutorials ? I am sure lots of your followers would want to know!

          • I just got the idea to use your searchtool and found it! But so did you 😉
            I am not sure If I understand her correct but I thinks she meand she uses the sawdust instead of paper?
            Thanks for al your help

  6. The Singing Nun is now part of the choir: Sing Along. The piece is 5.5″ x 9″ x 7.25″ and made of my usual collection of creative grill scrapings.

  7. Hello everyone!
    Now it is finally my first project done.
    I have also started a number of other projects that are at different levels.
    The cat, I have yet to varnish indeed. Many small mistakes have been made but I have learned a lot and had a lot of fun. Continuing with my projects.
    Midsummer greetings from Sweden accorded all ..

      • Thanks glad you like the cat. The metallic surface is a sheet of “oxidized metal type” (gold leaf). It was a novelty in the store. Then I put on a umber to get it to not be too nice and golden. Does the surface is interesting to develop in different ways. It was a new experience to add leaves and now I’m really many experiences richer.

        I follow your beautiful creations created and feel I have much to learn from you all.

        • Wow Gisela
          I like your cat and paintwork! it does look like an oxidized matel indeed!
          I love the eyes. Did you make them or did you use toxidermy eyes. Love to hear
          Perhaps you have mentioned it before but I have not been up to date with all the commentsfor a few weeks so I realy need to catch up with all of it and a the nice work from everyone

          bye Gea

          • Hi Gea!
            I have painted eyes like Jonni did on their last cat video. Watched and listened intently. Has still to paint them shiny.
            I do not have recipes with sawdust, but it’s all right to mix, and may exclude meal as
            Best to you experiment.

            • Hi Gisela
              Those eyes do look like glass. You have done well.!
              My cat is still white 😉 but I did experiment with a metal leaf (gold) It was harder then I thought to cover a project with a metalleaf! And it looked to golden hihihi
              Your cat looks extremly smooth and perfect!
              Sorry I got confused with the sawdust recipe. We spoke about woodglue before
              Jonni gave the link to a recipe for Sara.

  8. [img]http://ultimatepapermache.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/DSC00057.JPG[/img]
    This is the finished work these days, I hope you like it.
    To see more details, and got on my blog.

  9. NEW WORK . . .
    Might become a set of six – a choir. Material is polymer ‘Terra Cotta’ clay. My keyboard was over-served red wine last night and I am wr4i8t5i8ng i8n co9de3 w2he3n i8 do9n’t5 r4e3mo9ve3 t5he3 cap0t5ai8n mi8dni8ght5 ‘co9de3 r4i8ng’ nu7mbe3r4s. can har4dly6 w2ai8t5 fo9r4 t5he3 mac st5o9r4e3 t5o9 o9p0e3n.

      • ha ha! Yellowknife is a funny place like that… we get lots of visitors here for such a small city of 19 000 people… Last year I was returning home from a half year long teaching/mask exhibition tour.

        The first person I met once I got off the air plan was the duchess of York Fergie… it was passably the strange thing that has ever happened to me… living in a small city makes you a person who smiles and looks people in the eyes because it’s such a small place everyone knows each other. At first I couldn’t place her face… she looked familiar and I was being very Canadian by not wanting to be rude and ignore her.

        So I polity said “hello” and asked her how she was doing… she smiled back and said “I was well Thank you” then introduced herself… a slight awkward moment once I realized I didn’t personally know her, than that moment where I realized I have no idea how to end the polite hello with a duchess ha! ha! ha! strange place the north can be sometimes 🙂

    • Hi Douglas

      Nice to hear your workshops went well. My orange lionmask with the kids were a succes too but no were near as intensive as yours! ( about 20 kids entered)

      I am realy happy at the moment for things seem to have a way to develope..
      I mentioned that I was looking for ways to work with people and give workshops using my creativity.

      It is truly amazing how doors open if you’re receptive to it!
      I’m really thankful for that. Still not sure were this path leads me to but I like the road so far 😉

      I went to a local activity center for people with intellectual disabilities and to make a long story short they might invite me to give a papermache workshop for they are intrested in other recipes and tecnics. I am also invited by a local giftshop owner to brainstorm idea’s for a local marketday coming up in september. She would like some of my creative input and it is a way to network.
      Everywhere I go I seem to be getting in to contact with creative people and I realy enjoy this development

      Hope I don’t come a cross as to spiritual and you get my point 😉

      X Gea

      PS : I read your post about Fergie with a smile.

  10. Just finished a new piece: Yata, yata, yata 2.0. YYY-1.0 was adopted over a year ago and I made this edition for the Humor in Craft invitational exhibition at the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh. The show runs from August 6 to October 27, then it is expected to travel for a while afterwards.
    The piece is 20.5″ x 8.25″ x 8.25″

  11. Hi everyone,

    Here are few photo from my first day making Masks in the park… it was a great day and I think it was a success. We made 100 masks… and I feeling a little over whelmed, because I now have to make another 100 for next Tuesday…. my fingers are so sore… It was truly a fun day.

    I Also added one funny pic of 2 kids playing around in a couple my masks I had on demo

    Have a great day… must get back cutting out templates.

    • Fantastic Douglas! It looks like it was quite a success! Your poor fingers! I wish I lived near you so I could help!

    • Hi Douglass

      It looks great! and good luck the next couple of thuesdays I am sure you will be more bussy for they look great

    • Thanks everyone,

      I have better photos coming… I was so busy that day it was hard to be both teacher and photographer. so I was using my Iphone as a camera, I have decided to hire an extra teacher to come and help on the next few Thursdays. I am lucky to have my young student Cole (14 yrs. old) to come and help teach. I have been his arts tutor/friend for the past 4 years and he has grown up making masks with me.

      I have to say for all the work it’s been making this project happen I have been having a ton up fun… and the pain in my hands is worth it…

      I am right now taking a break from cutting for the next workshop that I am teaching tomorrow 60 + students… so far I have now cut 200 mask templates and by end of the month I am sure it will be over 450 masks.:) I have no feeling in the tip of my pointer finder… which is worrying me a little bite… and running out of cardboard fast… ha ha ha live and learn…

      I will head out Friday and pick up more cardboard… and keep on cutting 🙂 the sick thing is I am enjoying it… I am popping the mask templates out every 5 minutes. mass production… wow!

      Have a great day everyone, I hope you find inspiration in the clouds today 🙂

      • Hi Douglas,
        How about letting your students cut the templates themselves? That will save your hands and shoulders. As for cardboard, I raid my local WalMart for boxes of all shapes and thicknesses. Get the store’s stocking schedule and go for it. It will save your hands and it will give your students the total experience of what it takes to make a template. All you have to do is draw it. Provide the scissors and the rest of the materials and that will save your hands, shoulders and sanity. For some people who are not that handy with cutting like elderly or very young have a few pre-cut, but not 100.

        • Christine,

          Yes your advice is wise… I normally would let the students to all the work including the designing part… this project is a bit different and a bit of an experiment lesson plan/marketing test. My goal was to make a mask making workshop that anyone could do in 20 mins… I wasn’t too far off; it takes an average person about 35 mins to make one.

          It has been hard on my hands and if I am to do it again… I will make the masks even simpler than these and use a thick card stock paper and let people cut them out there selves.

          I can cut out about 100 mask in about 5 hours. It’s a ton of prep work… but the payoff is worth it, I have to admit I went overboard with this project. The great thing is the general public love it. I am going to reformat this workshop and offer this as a KG mask making playshop for schools in the fall… Kinder garden students for me are the hardest group of kid to make art crafts with… but I think I am onto something.

          Thank you the cardboard advice… I will be making another cardboard trip this weekend, in most places in Canada we have mountains of empty boxes but here in the arctic it’s not always easy to come by in bulk… But your right I didn’t think of Wal-Mart thank you for reminding me.

          Cheers Douglas

  12. Jonni,
    I was encouraged by another folk artist to try paper mache as an additional medium. I was primarily doing 3-D mixed media sculptural forms carved in wood. I found your site and was intrigued by your paper clay formulation and started “the experiment”. I continue to create sculptural forms, but have been using the paper mache’ in a relief format to create dimensional wall hangings. It has been a great learning experience for me. One process (carved wood) where I “take-away” my medium, and now with the paper mache, have to think about an armiture which I then “build up”. I have included a recent project photo that was particularly enjoyable. I was able to find a small single bulb w/ battery that actually fit into the flashlight lamp that I fashioned as my headlamp; it actually lit-up and was a real attention getter!

  13. Dear Jonnie,
    I live in TX and it is very humid here and i was wondering if you new what I should put in the clay so it doesnt mold?

    • Dear Horsepoo… “Giggle! Giggle!”

      I have waited my whole life to write that… I’m not Jonnie, but I have work with paper mache clays before… I would recommend a few drops of dish-soap in your paper clay mixture or a little bit of salt dissolved in water about a 1/4 tea spoon should do it.

      Good luck

      • I haven’t heard of the dish soap idea before. Thanks, Douglas. I have heard of salt, clove oil, and a splash of household bleach. All of them should work, but I live in a usually dry area of the world, so I’m not a very good source for info on mold. (“Usually dry” seems like a strange thing to say right now – I think we’ve had almost two inches of rain in the last 24 hours. My furnace is on because it’s both cold and wet – not good for someone used to near-desert weather. We would normally have 80F or 90F weather the first of June. Weird…)

    • Horsepoo Hello! I like you live in a humidity. My advice is to use white glue instead of paste . The dry as paper mache from the outside in, before painting a few days leave to dry. I hope it is useful my advice. Monica affection

      • thank you for all of your help i did finnaly find a solution. i took some salt water added dishsoap and then a liitle clorox i also addied some white paint and that made it a little a brighter so thanx

  14. Hi Everyone!

    I hope everyone’s day is going as great as mine… not that I am gloating or anything… 😉 The Weather here in the Subarctic has been beautiful and spring is working its magic in all its forms… we are home to hundreds of types of migrating bird so the lakes and pond here are filled with a giant verity of Fowl.

    Anyway… here is the art work I did today… I collected and trimmed a few hundred sticks for my upcoming mask project which I have been sharing with you this past week. These will be hot glue to the back of the Bear, fox and owl masks. I try very hard to capture an image today of the arctic fox play around with some ravens today but I only hand my iPhone camera so you get these image of a bundle of sticks.

    I have a great rest of the weekend,

  15. This week I’ve been busy painting my living room, working on Harry the greyhound, and getting ready for a small informal paper mache class with two of the local kids. Not much to report, I’m afraid. I did run across an interesting article this morning, though, about financial assistance that is available from various sources in the US and Canada, specifically for creative types who run into a spot of trouble. You can read the article here.


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