Bear with me…………..

Made by Alan Monteith

In my last post, I made a 3D poly bear printed on card stock. I did not quite like him because one leg was not right and a little flimsy. I did cut him open and stuff him with paper. I covered him in tape. Next I covered him in paper mache, then I gave him a coat of joint compound. I left it to dry and then I used a wet rag to smooth it. It still has a lot of of pucks that did not fill in. I gave it a coat of primer paint. I sort of like him now. I lost most of the sharp lines but that is ok. I do not know if I should go back and do some more filling or just leave it???? I do not know if I should paint him and if I do what color??????? My goal was to use him for a model so that I could make a life size bear in steel. I do not think that I am going to do that at this time.

Paper Mache Bear

7 thoughts on “Bear with me…………..”

  1. Great job Alan! Thanks for the shout out Jonni. It is fun to work with the patterns and I dont mind losing a few edges to get the over all look. For my two cents I would def stick with the white. Even if you go matte. Looks great with nothing more. Use a flexible spatula and just do the small touch up spots that bug you that you missed. Then resmooth. You have done a really great job with it!

  2. I personally love it being white. It captures the lumbering that one associates with bears. Really nice project. So, where will he live?

  3. I wanted to say that when I made my paper mache clay, the clay would clime up the beater. I took one beater and cut off two of the opposing paddles and only used one beater. It worked a little better. My batch was thin, 1/2 cup flower, I wanted to spread thinner.


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