Cassiel the Golden Guardian

Made by Phyllis Huber

Cassiel is a boy’s name of Latin origin meaning “angel of Saturday”. Since I completed this project and today is Saturday how appropriate. Elephants are known to bring good luck and protection so the name meaning angel (we all have our guardian angels) it seemed to suit him perfectly.

Cassiel, the Golden tusked guardian, is from a paper art kit purchased online. Covered in masking tape, then Jonni’s recipe for Super Strong paper mache using Titebond III wood glue. What an amazing and light weight super strong beautiful paper mache. (Thank you so much!!) Loved the smooth finish. Covered in a super thin joint compound coating and lightly sanded. Painted and ended up with this amazing buttery smooth look. Covered in Modge podge. Very pleased with the outcome.

Elephant wall sculpture

10 thoughts on “Cassiel the Golden Guardian”

  1. Phyllis, Your masterpiece is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I was stunned when I saw what you crafted. Amazing piece of sculpture and most creative. I don’t know what to say. Thank you.

  2. You should be pleased! He is absolutely fabulous! He is a modern art interpretation rather than a super realistic elephant and is super cool! My grandmother collected elephant figurines and did believe they were good luck but only if the trunk was pointed upwards. I don’t know if that is The legend or not but it was in her eyes! Great work!

    • Thanks Eileen!

      I appreciate your kind words. I like the modern almost “cubist” look he has. Glad he reminded you of your grandmother and her fun collection. I was not aware of the trunk upwards part until today as I was reading about it. The very bottom of his is turning up slightly so we will have to imagine its heading upward. : )

    • Thank you Jonni! Your “Instant Paper Mache” was the perfect way to keep him light and strong. Appreciate you sharing your vast knowledge and skills with us. I am learning so much.


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