Made by Alan Monteith

I bought a paper program on Esty from Paperfreak. It sort of turned out. There are a LOT of parts and is is made from card stock. I want to make it stronger but how to I put the paper mache clay on it??? Do I cover it with masking tape first so the water does not soak into the paper???? It is hallow, should I cut it open and stuff it with paper???

papercraft bear


2 thoughts on “Bear”

  1. Another way to reinforce is just carefully painting it with wood glue! the inside or the outside I recently made a flimsy and tiny staircase from a cereal box. It had no supports and PM’ing it probably would have made it droop. I used a strong homemade glue mixed with titebond on the underside of the steps before starting the strips and clay. Worked like a charm and the stairs still hold strong-with no supports!
    If this were my project, I’d just pop that thing open and methodically paint ya glue inside.

  2. Alan that’s an interesting question. I do think masking tape is needed – the card stock will soak up a lot of the water in the paper mache clay, and it could collapse under the weight. Is it possible to remove the tape from a few spots so you could stuff the innards with crumpled foil or foam beads, or some other lightweight material that would offer some support when your paper mache is added? Crumpled paper might work, too. That’s what we do with the four patterns on my site that are made with card stock, like the baby elephant wall sculpture. The paper mache clay will support the sculpture once it’s dry, but until then it probably will need some support inside. I hope you’ll let us see it when it’s done!


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