Tiny Dancer

Made by Phyllis Huber

This little wind up doll ballerina sculpture was inspired by the drawing in the picture behind her. I would love to give the artist credit for it but I cant quite make out the name signed on it. I have enjoyed this art work for such a long time and kept this little scrap of paper with it on it for a very long time. Finally decided to try to do something 3D with it and this is the result. I’m happy to share with you. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Tiny Dancer sculpture

11 thoughts on “Tiny Dancer”

    • Thank you Eileen. I went with the pale pink ballet outfit because I thought it was softer and sweeter looking too. Glad that came through. : ) Appreciate your thoughts and comments. Have a great day.

  1. That is very remarkable. I used to take a cousin all over for dance, and this brought back fond memories. You have done a magnificent work. Clever idea about holding up the skirt with dowels, and it worked well.

    I will say she looks refreshed and ready to go. Thanks.

    • Hi Rex,

      Thank you so much. I am delighted that she brought back some sweet memories for you! I appreciate your comments on my work. Means so much to me. : )

  2. Stunning!
    The texture of her skin is so perfectly smooth!
    I’m very intrigued about how you made the separate layers/folds of her skirt…are they clay only? If so, how did you keep the layers separate (not flopping onto each other) as they dried?

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it. : )

      The “Paperclay” brand of air dry clay I used makes it very easy to create super smooth skin. I was very pleased. It was my first time using it.

      The layers of the skirt are clay only. When I made her skirt I started with the bottom layer and let it dry completely, I placed little round wooden dowels under it to keep the shape while drying. I then did the same with the other two layers. Waiting on one to dry before adding another kept the shape and no sticking together.

      Thanks for your question!


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